As many zoos and aquariums have had to close temporarily, the animals kept there now have the ability to do things they couldn't normally. The Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi has been keeping fans updated through social media with pictures and videos of their animals exploring different parts of the grounds.

It appears as though the Texas State Aquarium's animals are coming out of their cages and doing just fine, which is a relief to see.

A change of pace every once in a while is good for the animals, and many followers of the aquarium are enjoying it, too. 

This particular change of pace has allowed Rex the chicken, Chico the sloth, Nacho the red-legged seriema, and many more to see parts of their home that are totally unfamiliar to them.

Technology is allowing us to be part of their journey through the unknown, and we're more fortunate than ever for it. After all, we can only watch Netflix for so long.

Prepare yourselves for many awe-inspiring photos and videos up ahead, because there is a lot of content being shared with us.

The aquarium's super fluffy chicken Rex is pictured above, admiring the sunrise over Corpus Christi Bay.

According to the aquarium's Instagram post, 'to see the sun rising over the waves' is precisely why the chicken crossed the road.

Chico the sloth got to tour many parts of the aquarium to make new friends, especially among the aquatic life.

The video above shows Chico's journey through the Gulf of Mexico exhibit. 

Nacho the red-legged seriema took a Caribbean journey, and hung out with some flamingos for the day. 

Whether she fit in or not, Nacho clearly didn't care. She was just having fun!

We're looking forward to much more animal content from the aquarium in the coming weeks.