The famous aquarium in Corpus Christi has been coming up with some unique ways to keep their animals entertained, including playing games we humans grew up with. An American crow by the name of Gabby from the Texas State Aquarium has been facing off against her trainer and caretaker in games of Connect Four amid the aquarium's temporary closure and kicking butt while she's at it. At this point, we're a little nervous as to what else she's good at!

The aquarium posted an adorable photo of Gabby and her trainer and caretaker, Sean, on Saturday, March 21.

Now, after just a short amount of time, the post has an incredible amount of likes and comments on both their Facebook and Instagram.

Now more than ever, fans of aquariums and zoos are in need of some cute animal content, and the Texas State Aquarium never shows up emptyhanded. 

According to the comments, it seems as though many are rooting for Sean rather than Gabby.

"Love crows. Not surprised she’s smart enough for Connect Four," said Joyce Lynette.

We're not sure about Sean, but we'd be sharpening our Connect Four skills right about now if we were him. It's not a difficult game, but when you're going up against a smart crow, you never know what obstacles you'll run into.

"Tip for staying in during the coronavirus situation: Pass the time with games! Gabby, our American crow, has mastered Connect Four as part of her enrichment and frequently squares off against her trainer and caretaker Sean," reads the Facebook post.

Since announcing they'd be closed until April 1, the aquarium has changed their Instagram bio to include that they'd be reopening on April 18 instead.

Gabby isn't the only one having fun these days, Chico the sloth was able to "hang" with two dolphins recently!

There's no telling what else the aquarium has in store for their adorable animals.