This San Antonio Art Museum Is Getting A Brand New Selena Exhibit This Month

Selena Forever!
This San Antonio Museum's Selena Exhibit Will Be Opening This Month

Selena Quintanilla-Pérez is an icon to many people, especially in Texas, so it makes sense that the state gets loads of Selena-inspired exhibits, art, festivals, and much more. This month, a Selena exhibit will open at a San Antonio museum that's extremely close to our hearts, similarly to the music legend. 

Selena Forever/Siempre Selena will be on display for the public at the McNay Art Museum starting Wednesday, January 15.

The exhibit will include a series of five photographs of the late artist by a San Antonio photographer named John Dyer. 

Dyer has done some award-winning stuff throughout his career, and Selena Forever/Siempre Selena is just the cherry on top.

You'll have a limited time to stop by the museum and see his work, so don't miss out!

The Selena exhibit will remain at The McNay until Sunday, July 5. 

There's plenty of time to see it, even a few times, but you don't want too much time to pass before you do.

There's always something special about knowing you're one of the first to see or experience something Selena related, especially something as incredible as this.

Selena is a true legend and deserves not only this exhibit but hundreds more like it!

We assume everyone agrees?

Admission into the McNay is just $20 for adults, and the Selena exhibit will be included in the fee.

If you're a student with an I.D., then admission is even cheaper, just $15!

Ages 13-19 can get in for $10, so it looks like your kids or siblings are getting an even better end of the deal.

Now you know exactly where to take your friends the next time you're trying to figure plans out.

Long live Selena!

Selena Forever/Siempre Selena

Price: $20

When: Wednesday, January 15 - Sunday, July 5

Address: 6000 N New Braunfels Ave, San Antonio, TX

Why You Need To Go: To see an exhibit all about Selena that's only at the McNay for a limited time.