If you're from Texas or have visited during the fall, then you know better than anyone that we don't experience normal signs of the seasons changing. However, there is one place in Texas where you'll feel like you've left the state entirely thanks to the colorful, scenic surroundings that greet you. Lost Maples State Natural Area is home to trees that turn stunning fall colors of red, orange and yellow and is less than two hours from San Antonio.

Deciding whether or not to visit Lost Maples State Natural Area is pretty simple. With its gorgeous bigtooth maples, hidden waterfalls, and easy hiking trails, the answer is obviously yes. The park is open year-round and has something to do for absolutely everyone. Texans will lose their minds at how colorful their surroundings are, which isn't your average day in the Lone Star State this time of year. 

The entrance fee for the park is just $6 for adults, and free for children 12 and under. With over 10 miles of gorgeous trails to hike and two creeks to fish from, you'll spend all day here without even realizing it. Vanderpool isn't near many big cities, even from San Antonio it's a little less than a two-hour drive, but it's well worth it to experience something as amazing and rare as this. 

This park definitely needs to be added to your fall bucket list. You'll leave with incredible pictures, even better memories, and the ability to say you've seen orange, red and yellow leaves in Texas. Put any other state park you've been wanting to visit on the backburner, this one needs to be your priority!

Lost Maples State Natural Area

Price: $6

Address: 37221 FM 187, Vanderpool, TX 78885

Why You Need To Go: Finding somewhere in Texas where the leaves change color once autumn arrives is difficult. Thanks to the overload of bigtooth maples this state park has, it's the perfect place to go and see red, orange, and yellow leaves galore.

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