This spring will bring a whole new definition of fun to San Antonio residents with the grand openings of two new massive entertainment complexes from Santikos and EVO. There will be so much new and exciting in-demand entertainment for visitors of every age. Whether you're looking for a nice night out to the movies or a day of bowling and arcade games, look no further than the greater San Antonio area!

Santikos will be opening their new 87,000 square foot family entertainment center in Cibolo sometime this Spring. The new complex will have 12 movie screens, modern reclining seats, over 15 bowling lanes, a laser tag experience, a new bar, an outdoor live music venue, and a full restaurant. They will also be bringing their own HD format to 2 of their big screens so guests can watch the latest blockbusters in the coolest and most exciting way that you have to experience for yourself!

Santikos is known for their incredible variety of giant theaters across San Antonio. They own one of the nicest and largest movie theaters in all of Texas, the Palladium IMAX, along with 7 others across the city, that make them very well known and trusted for their outstanding entertainment.

Down the street, EVO Entertainment will be having a grand opening for its new 73,000 square foot complex in Schertz this Friday, March 8th. The new EVO will also have 12 movie screens with 2 being in EVX, a giant bowling alley, laser tag, and a colorful arcade along with a unique virtual reality experience. There will be a new restaurant to eat at or you could choose to order your dinner, snacks, and desserts to be served to your movie theater seats!

EVO also plans to open a new 15,000-seat outdoor amphitheater sometime soon after their Shertz location is up and running. They will use the insane new space for music, live performances, and community events for everyone across the area to enjoy.

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Though the two giant entertainment centers will feature some of the same games and activities, they both put their own unique spins on what they do to give their guests very different experiences. The two companies will bring a ton of joy and excitement to the San Antonio area, so you'll have to check out both of them and choose your favorite!

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The Santikos Entertainment center is located in the Cibolo Crossing Shopping Center at the corner of Wiederstein and I-35 and the EVO Entertainment center is located at 18658 IH 35N Schertz, TX.