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This Texas University Is Giving Back $10 Million In Refunds To Students This Week

Schools and universities were hit hard by the arrival of the coronavirus, with every major school district and Texas university being closed down throughout spring and summer 2020. Students from all over the state realized that they had paid the tuition and fees for amenities that they couldn't even use anymore, such as the recreation centers, dorms, and meal plans. UTSA is refunding their students $10 million to make sure they only paid for what they used during their cut-short semester.

The University of Texas at San Antonio just announced that they will be relieving some of their students from their financial pressure by refunding $10 million. 

The $10 million includes fees that were charged for dorm living, parking passes, and meal plans that weren't used due to the shift from in-class learning to all online classes.

$3.4 million will be refunded to students who had to leave the dorm buildings Alvarez Hall, Chaparral Village, and Laurel Village.

Those who lived at University Oaks and Chisholm Hall won't be left out, as they will receive a refund to total up to around $2.6 million. Campus Living Villages agreed with UTSA to issue refunds to their renters.

About $1.8 million is being returned to over 17,500 UTSA students who purchased one of their many campus parking permits since those became useless once the campus closed.

The press release revealed that the final $2.2 million of the $10 million will be refunded to over 2,400 students who paid for their 2020 meal plans.

The University of Texas at San Antonio made sure to care for their students during this pandemic, giving back the money that wasn't put to use since the transition to online teaching.

In the release, UTSA Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President for Business Affairs Veronica Salazar Mendez said: “We care deeply about our students and hope that putting cash in their hands makes it easier for them to make ends meet during the coronavirus pandemic."

Other Texas universities have followed suit in their own ways in making sure students were safe and secure, though UTSA really took the cake in issuing student living and parking refunds.

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