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You Can Cast Out Magical Lanterns Onto The San Antonio River For Only $5 This Summer

The San Antonio River Walk is iconic for so many reasons. The moment you get there you can feel the history all around you. If you're lucky, you've taken a boat through the river and gotten a full tour from a friendly guide. Turns out they offer more than just tours on this awesome river, they offer the chance to cast out the most beautiful lanterns onto the San  Antonio River Walk for Wishing Lanterns

Previously, Wishing Lanterns was held solely in the winter. Now, due to cold weather (Texans can't handle anything below 60 degrees) they've permanently moved the event to take place when the weather is much warmer. On Monday, August 24th you can take part in the fun for only $5. 

The lanterns are available for pre-order now and the hosts of the event highly recommend purchasing one sooner rather than later. They had over 35,000 people attend last year, and the turnout is sure to be even bigger now that it's taking place in the summer! The lanterns will be available for pick up during the actual event, and won't be mailed. You can get yours while the festivities take place from 5-9 PM.

At the event, you can customize your lantern at one of their super cute decorating stations. Make it your own before you cast it into the world along with your hopes, dreams, wishes, and more. Come out with your friends and family and enjoy one of the best cities in Texas, in one of the most amazing locations!

Wishing Lanterns

Price: 💸

Address: 110 Broadway St, San Antonio, Texas 78205

Why you need to go: This is such a beautiful opportunity to send off your wishes on the River Walk. This will make for the most beautiful night ever. 


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