Whether you buy them at the store or make them at home, rice crispy treats have always been delicious. Everyone has their own little spin on them; some drizzled caramel, other add frosting and some even dunk them in milk. Mysanantonio just reported that Cereal Killer Sweets opened its doors in the city and they have massive rice crispies. 

The shop is located on Huebner Road and you can expect a variety of different rice crispy treats. The treats range from 6 oz to 14 oz. depending on what you decided to order. 

Not all of their treats are made with the famous Rice Krispy cereal. Other flavors include Barry Me Alive made from Captain Crunch and Unicorn Swirl made from Frutie Pebbles. If you are craving an original crispy, you can always have it filled with things like s'mores, cookies n' cream or peanut butter cups. The massive desserts go for about $8 a pop. 

The shop owner Megan Morales originally sold popcorn but after making a giant back of rice crispy treats she decided to share them with her shop visitors. 

The demand was so hight for the giant treats she decided to pursue making them full time. 

On weekdays you can find the shop open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On weekends however the shop opens from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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The shop selects a charity every month and a portion of the proceeds from their sales goes towards that charity.  

For more information on Cereal Killer Sweets, you can check out their website here.