It can be easy to take San Diego for granted. After all, we basically have the best weather in the entire universe. You're never far from the beach. There are pools everywhere. Everyone is super chill. And you could eat at an amazing restaurant you've never been to like every day if your bank account let you.

There's a reason Ron Burgandy calls this home.

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But if you've been here a while or you are thinking about asking out a true local, it can be hard to come up with unique things to do. We got you covered. Here are some cool date ideas that are hopefully cool enough to get you another date. And another. 

Have the perfect picnic

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Don't know how to have the perfect picnic? Does your idea of cooking include getting your Uber driver to stop for tacos? Then let someone else do all the work. San Diego Perfect Picnics has got you covered. They have cool, customizable packages for your special night. And if you can't master your filters #nevercaughtlyingaboutfilters they also offer professional photography services.


Go swinging

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No, not that kind of swinging. Focus. Get your mind out of the gutter. This one's actually super romantical. Hidden away in La Jolla are secret tree swings. But we're not going to reveal where they are or how many are currently up. Part of the fun of your date is finding the secret swings together.

Get your fortunes told

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What better way to see if you've met your soul mate then asking a certified professional. Well, maybe not certified. But certainly, someone who promises to reveal your future. What? I am going to be a professional Instagram model someday? I knew it.

Plus, this will show how your potential S/O handles pressure.

Roller skate like its the 70s

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Who doesn't secretly/not-so-secretly love disco and having fun on eight wheels? Amirite? Roller skating is a chance to pretend you're living in a different decade. So grab your chance to wear your knee-high socks and short shorts and skate your night away.


Watch an old movie outside

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The Pearl Hotel not only has that old-school California vibe but they also host regular movie nights where they play old movies outside. They show classic movies like The Princess Bride, Top Gun, and Mean Girls (yes, Mean Girls is a classic movie). If your potential S/O is willing to sit through Grease you know its a good sign. I can already feel my chills multiplying. It's electrifying.


Eat and drink everything matcha

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Must not make matcha pun. Must not make matcha pun. Holy Matcha is a cute little place to enjoy a non-alcoholic drink and have some get to know you talk or just vent about the copier machine sucking. If your date orders the avocado toast to split then you know you've found your perfect match-A. Sry, couldn't resist.


Explore a gold mine

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See if you strike gold at High Peak Mine. The tour takes about an hour and a half so plenty of time to learn everything there is about gold. For instance, it's white and gold and always makes a good birthday present. Hint, hint.


Channel your inner nerd

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Even if your knowledge of comic books is limited to knowing that for some reason Batman growls when he talks, everyone enjoys at least one Marvel movie (sorry/not sorry DC fans). The San Diego Comic Art Gallery is an opportunity to geek out and be cultured. Um, it is an art gallery. If you're lucky, maybe someone has figured out how to perfectly capture Chris Evan's arms in comic book format.


Take a dinner cruise

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Everyone's gotta eat. So why not eat on a boat? Hornblower Cruises offer tours of the bay while you eat dinner. They have a bunch of different options including vegetarian and gluten-free. If you're feeling sassy, you can go for the lobster dinner. If you'd rather eat on shore but still want to see the bay there are also food-free cruises.


Catch a sunset at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

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Ok, so this one's maybe cheesy and cliche. But its cliche for a reason. And who doesn't love looking out at the ocean? California sunsets are some of the best in the world. Every once and while we should all be unabashedly romantic. Don't take this one for granted.

Pretend you're in Italy

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While Venice might be thousands of miles away, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a romantic gondola cruise right here in San Diego. That's amore. Or at least thatsa it's complicated.


Head to the drive-in

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A lot of people have never been to a drive-in movie. Sure, the screens feel kinda small and there might be a reason these places don't exist anymore but one word—smuggleallthetreatsyoucanimagine. Also, there's just something magical about going to the drive-in. It's just a cool way to experience classic Americana.


Do a million things at the fair

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The San Diego Fair is only on for a limited time but is the perfect place to have fun, pretend you're in a romcom, go on some rides, and then chat over a small big bag of cotton candy. And fair food is perfectly shareable and always delish. If you go, make sure your date wins you an adorable stuffy.