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Part Of San Diego Was Actually Colder Than Antarctica Yesterday

It may have been the coldest day of the winter!
San Diego Was Colder Than Antarctica Yesterday

It's the beginning of February and the southern California cold front is blowing in. Yesterday, several cities dropped to surprisingly low temperatures. Have you heard that part of San Diego was colder than Antarctica yesterday?


The San Diego Tribune reported a rare occurrence of cold fronts hitting its coastline yesterday. Even the National Weather Service said it could very well be the coldest day of our entire winter. 

Temperatures plunged to a low of 20 F outside near the Ramona Airport and Mount Laguna. 

Julian came in for a close second at 22 F. Borrego Springs, Sunrise Highway, Pauma, and Valley Center all tied for the third-coldest places in San Diego County yesterday at 23 F.

According to the Tribune, this is the coldest the city has been in quite some time at the San Diego International Airport. It even tied the old record from 1894!

As the NWS stated, this is a highly unusual weather pattern for southern California in February. Usually, the average temperature here is around 66 F with a low of 51 F.

To put this all in perspective, these San Diego cities were colder than the Esperanza Base in Antarctica yesterday, which had a daily high of 39 F. Crazy, right?

The cold weather was caused by a storm traveling down from the Pacific Northwest, gathering chilly air and high winds from the Great Basin and the Sierra Nevada regions. 

Some of this windchill was pushed to San Diego by the Santa Ana winds. 

Fortunately for local residents, it looks like the cold is finally passing through. Temperatures in Ramona today are 54 F and the average San Diego city temperature today is 59 F. Thankfully, the record low is over.

However, if you plan on visiting soon, make sure to bring a raincoat and some extra layers to stay warm and cozy.

As much as we would love to have it, beach and board shorts weather doesn't seem like it's going to come around here anytime soon.

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