San Diego has joined the slew of California cities cracking down on COVID-19 violations as of April 24. The news was announced today during a press conference by County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher. San Diego's face covering order requires all residents to wear masks when they go out in public now.

"We believe this is going to be a part of life in the new normal...Now is the time, the voluntary compliance is over and now it is time for strict compliance throughout all communities," said Fletcher.

ABC San Diego reports the order will go into effect May 1.

So, locals have until then to purchase or make their own face mask.

He went on to say that "until such time when we have a vaccine or a widely available therapeutic drug, there are going to be parts of life that are going to change. Getting in the habit of having a face covering when you leave your house — that's going to be part of the change."

Fletcher stressed the importance of wearing face masks immediately.

The county had already issued an order that required employees in essential businesses and those serving food to wear protective face coverings.

San Diego County Sherrif Bill Gore also had a warning for San Diegans regarding the social distancing public health order.

Anyone who is found in violation of the orders will face a fine up to $1,000 or up to 6 months in jail.

Gore advised anyone who spots a violation of the health order to contact law enforcement at their non-emergency number 211.

San Diego County is home to more than 3.3 million Californians. Yesterday, there were 2,643 reported cases of COVID-19 in the county.