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Vin De Syrah In California Will Whisk You Away To A World Of Tea Parties And Mad Hatters

Wandering down the rabbit hole seems to be a popular notion, so why not visit this dreamy themed bar for a little taste of magic. Vin De Syrah is a Wonderland themed spot in California that will whisk you away to a world of tea parties and Mad Hatters, along with yummy cocktails and mood lighting. You can let the reality float away while you indulge in the strange and whimsical world of Alice and white rabbits.

If you're looking for a way to mix up cocktail hour, this venue will give you a taste of a fantasy world unlike any other.

Vin De Syrah in San Diego, California sits in the Gaslamp District but somehow feels worlds away from the other bars that line the street.

To reach the actual venue, you'll have to wander down a set of stairs that look like they lead to a subterranean station beneath the street.

The unmarked door sits in a fake hedge, so you'll find yourself wondering if the bar really exists at all.

But don't worry, it does, and once you find the handle you will step into a world like Alice's Wonderland, with better drink options.

Flower chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and cozy nooks throughout the space offer a refuge of faux flora and fauna that bring the outdoors inside.

You'll almost forget you are under a bustling city street, and instead, feel like you climbed through a doorway in the forest and ended up at this eccentric spot.

Their menu boasts delicious cocktails starting at $13, and you can wet your whistle with mixtures like middle earth or apple sauced, and their food options are mouthwatering as well.

As you explore the dark corners, the whole place starts to feel like the Red Queens garden mixed with the Hatter's tea party.

The indoor plants and long tables bring a whimsical ambiance perfect for sipping delicious drinks

You might even start to wish every weekend could be a Wonderland adventure, and there is no reason it can't be when you're at this hidden gem.

Vin De Syrah

Price: 💸💸

Address: 901 Fifth Ave., San Diego, CA

Why You Need To Go: Let this bar sweep you away to a world of tea parties, white rabbits, and delicious drinks in a Wonderland setting.


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