Summer is the season when we make the most memories. Why not make a ton of amazing memories with your S/O?! There are so many secret places you can go with your girlfriend to have an unreal day under the summer sun. From walking through forest trails to visiting gorgeous gardens, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to where to take your girlfriend.

It's time to impress your girlfriend by taking her somewhere completely unique and different.There is so much to discover!

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So head out and explore more of the places this city has to offer! Whether you two are adventurous or more chilled out, there is something for everyone to see in this glorious city.

1. Mount Sutro Forest

Where: Medical Ctr Way

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If you and your girlfriend are super adventurous you will 100% enjoy your time in this amazing forest. She'll be in complete awe as you admire the tall trees that tower over the city. This 80 acre forest is over 100 years old!

2. The Palace of Fine Arts

Where: 3301 Lyon St

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Sure summer is the best time to travel, but not all of us can afford a trip to Europe! If your girlfriend always talks about wanting to travel to Europe taking her to this stunning building is sure to give her Europe vibes. The 100-year-old monument is one of the last remaining buildings from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition.

3. The Vulcan Stairway

Where: 1 Vulcan Stairway

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Anyone that loves flowers will love every minute at the Vulcan Stairway. This secret stairway garden is tucked away and has views of pretty Victorian homes and gorgeous gardens.

4. Balmy Alley

Where: 50 Balmy St

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Now if you feel like you're constantly taking photos of your girlfriend for her Instagram, she will love this. Prepare yourself to take a ton of photos because Balmy Street is filled with colorful murals that your girlfriend is bound to love. Even if she doesn't go for the photos you will still enjoy your time admiring the gorgeous murals.

5. Andy Goldsworthy’s ‘Wood Line’

Where: Presidio Blvd

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Honestly, anyone that likes the outdoors will love every second at this amazing forest trail. If your girlfriend is a fan of The Lord Of The Rings, she will definitely feel like she's transported to Fangorn Forest. This trail is so much fun to walk through and you are bound to get an awesome photo from it!

6. Labyrinth at Lands End

Where: Lands End Trail

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The scenery at Land's End Park's Eagle Point is seriously breathtaking. San Francisco artist Eduardo Aguilera created the labyrinth after spending time along the rocky shoreline of Land’s End. This hidden gem is sure to make you and your girlfriend feel calm and relaxed.

7. Casting Pools

Where: 1232 John F Kennedy Dr

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Try something different with your S/O this summer! This casting pool is located in the heart of beautiful Golden Gate Park. This serene pool is sure to relax you both as you try something unique.

8. Muir Woods National Monument

Where: 1 Muir Woods Rd

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This unbelievable forest is sure to have you both in complete awe. You'll be in awe as you gaze up while you walk among old growth coast redwoods. The forest has been federally protected as a National Monument since 1908.

9. Cayuga Park

Where: 301 Naglee Ave

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Take a break from it all and escape to Cayuga Park. Perhaps best known for its sculpture gardens, unique trails, and bustling basketball court, the park also has a clubhouse, tennis court, ball diamond, and multipurpose, turf area.

10. The Wave Organ

Where: 83 Marina Green Dr

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The Wave Organ is a wave-activated acoustic sculpture located on a jetty in the San Francisco Bay. This amazing hidden gem was developed by Peter Richards and was installed in collaboration with sculptor and master stonemason George Gonzalez. The sound is created by the impact of waves against the pipe ends and the movement of the water in and out of the pipes.

11. Japanese Tea Garden

Where: 75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr

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This Japanese Tea Garden is the oldest public Japanese garden in the United States. Come here and you and your girlfriend can experience the natural beauty, tranquility, and harmony of a Japanese-style garden.

12. Urbano Sundial

Where: 51 Entrada Ct

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This huge sundial was created in 1913. The sundial is 28 feet tall and 33 feet wide and it's hidden in the center of a sleepy San Francisco residential neighborhood. If you and your girlfriend like to explore unique things, this sundial is sure to leave you two impressed.

13. Fort Point

Where: Long Ave & Marine Dr

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Walk around the Presidio area and explore some of the lesser-known spots beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. Fort Point is the best-situated military fort in the entire Bay Area. It dates back to the time of the Gold Rush and was originally built to withstand naval attacks.

14. Angel Island State Park

Where: Tiburon

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If you can't head to Europe this summer, heading to this stunning island is a perfect alternative. Angel Island State Park is the largest natural island in the San Francisco Bay and it offers some of the best views of the surrounding Bay Area.

15. The Golden Fire Hydrant

Where: 3899 20th St

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Sure this one is a tad random, but this boujee golden hydrant is something super unique in the city. This hydrant has a lot of history. After San Francisco's earthquake in 1906 much of the city’s network of fire hydrants failed. This hydrant was the only functioning hydrant and is painted gold every year to commemorate the event.

16. Golden Gate Fortune Factory

Where: 56 Ross Alley

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The Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory opened its doors in 1962 and remains one of the only places in the country you can still find handmade fortune cookies. When you walk in, the factory manager will most likely be handing out fresh, free samples (yes, please). These are often right out of the oven, so they'll be yummy and fresh!

17. Octagon House

Where: 2645 Gough St

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Built in 1861, the unique Octagon House is a San Francisco historical landmark and an architectural treasure. The museum and garden are open to the public from 12 pm to 3 pm. If your girlfriend loves buildings that are out of the norm she will definitely admire this Octagon House.

18. Seward Street Slides

Where: 30 Seward St

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Become kids again while you're at Seward Street Slides. The slides were actually designed by a teenager decades ago and remain a neighborhood favorite. The concrete slides are sure to have you both laughing your day away. Bring some flattened cardboard boxes to fly down the unique chutes.

19. Farallon Islands

Where: Farallon Islands

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Get ready to be amazed at this island that's 27 miles off the coast. The Farallon Islands are a group of islands and rocks found in the Gulf of the Farallones, off the coast of San Francisco. They are visible from the mainland on clear days.

20. Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze

Where: Pier 39

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If you two lovebirds always love to take selfies in mirrors, you will love everything about this place. This is a psychedelic experience you will both never forget. Black lights set this labyrinth of mirrors a glow, making you completely lose track of where you are and where you are trying to go!

21. Moss Beach Distillery

Where: 140 Beach Way

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The Moss Beach Distillery is only a quick 20-minute drive south of San Francisco. While at the distillery you will enjoy incredible views of the Pacific as well as of the amazing flowers surrounding the area. While you're there you can have dinner at one of Moss Beach's restaurant. The outdoor patio overlooks the ocean making for a lovely day under the sun.

22. Tank Hill

Where: Twin Peaks Blvd

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This hidden gem is sure to impress. At Tank Hill you can see an amazing view of downtown San Francisco, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge.

23. Camera Obscura

Where: 1096 Point Lobos Ave

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This giant camera obscura is one of only 20 in the whole world! The camera obscura was originally built as part of a theme park. It is located on cliffs above Ocean Beach which will give you unreal views of the ocean, Seal Rock, and the cliffs.

24. 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

Where: 16th Ave

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Get your camera ready cause this mural staircase is a major photo op! This long stairwell was transformed from regular concrete to stunning and bright stairs. There are 163 steps in total and they are covered with handmade tiles that are sure to wow you and your girlfriend.

25. Yoda Fountain

Where: 1 Letterman Dr

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If your girlfriend loves Star Wars she is sure to love this hidden fountain. The fountain is located just off of Letterman Drive in front of the Letterman center’s Building B, which contains the Lucasfilm lobby. The lobby is filled with even more Star Wars memorabilia including a life-size Darth Vader!

26. Sutro Baths Ruins and Cave

Where: 1004 Point Lobos Ave

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The coastal ruins of the Sutro Baths are unreal! They overlook Seal Rocks and are really close to the city. There's tons of public parking on two higher cliffs, a dining vantage point from the adjacent Cliff House, and ramps and stairs descending down to the crumbling walls and sea cave.

27. Shakespeare Garden 

Where: 335 Martin Luther King Jr Dr

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Bring your girlfriend to a Shakespeare dreamworld. This park has the lush settings that are often described in Shakespeare's greatest works. The park is super romantic and you two will totally feel like you're in a dream together.

28. The Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Where: Telegraph Hill

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If your girlfriend loves to see animals then she will love Telegraph Hill. This area of San Fransisco has parrots flying around. In 1989 there were just four birds, and by 1999 there were 50! The bright parrots can be spotted pretty easily perched in trees or flying overhead.

29. Yerba Buena Gardens

Where: 750 Howard St

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Spend your day in the park with your girlfriend. The Yerba Buena Gardens has a ton of unique sculptures and artwork that are sure to amaze you. Pack up your favorite card game and spend the day in this urban park.

30. Kabuki Springs and Spa

Where: 1750 Geary Blvd

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Surprise your girlfriend to a complete spa day. This Japanese-style bathhouse is a perfect place to relax your body and mind together. This spa features a sauna, steam room, warm pool, a cold plunge, massage therapy, botanical facials, mud and seaweed wraps, and other spa treatments.

31. Botanical Garden

Where: 1199 9th Ave

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The Botanical Garden in Golden Gate Park is a great place to take your girlfriend this summer. The 55-acre gem houses thousands of plants from all around the world. If your girlfriend loves plants, she will definitely love this garden!