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7 Hidden Bars In San Francisco You Need Passwords To Get Into

You'll feel like a super sleuth. 🕵️
Hidden San Francisco Speakeasy Bars Require A Password To Get In

There's always something to do in the City by the Bay. The next time you go out for a night on the town, why not visit one of the fantastic San Francisco speakeasy locations on this list? You can go on the best hidden barhopping adventure across town and feel like a super sleuth doing it. 

From fake detective agencies to secret boozy locales inside an old bank, these bars are hidden in the best possible ways. Why not bring your BFFs and make a night of it or take your significant other on the cutest surprise date?

Let the search begin! 

Wilson & Wilson Detective Agency

Price: 💸💸

Location: 505 Jones St., San Francisco, CA

Password: Given to you when you make a reservation.

Why You Should Go: You can take on a case with a fictional detective agency that leads you to a hidden bar.


The Hogshead Reserve

Price: 💸💸

Location: The Barrel Room, 415 Sansome St., San Francisco, CA

Password: There isn't a password for this location, but it was so cool, we needed to add it to the list.

Why You Should Go: You can explore a three-room speakeasy underneath the Barrel Room's wine store. One room is even inside an old bank vault! To get there, walk to the very back of the store and head down a staircase to the left.


Bourbon & Branch

Price: 💸💸

Location: 501 Jones St., San Francisco, CA

Password: Books

Why You Should Go: Inside the bar, you'll find hidden rooms with secret menus. You'll need reservations to go, so ask the hostess to put your name on the waitlist at the door. You can enter the speakeasy through the bookcase door in the main bar.


The Grid

Price: 💸💸

Location: 508 4th St. Ste. 1, San Francisco, CA

Password: You'll get a password with instructions when you make a reservation.

Why You Should Go: This Tron-inspired speakeasy will take you into a futuristic world of booze and coin-operated arcade games.



Price: 💸💸

Location: 360 Jessie, San Francisco, CA

Password: Reservations will get you inside; check-in at The Cavalier. While walk-ins are also welcome, there's no guarantee you'll get in.

Why You Should Go: This swanky locale was once a members-only destination. Now, you and your BFFs can make a reservation and sip refreshing drinks inside a cozy back-alley bar.


Remedie Room

Price: 💸💸

Location: The Devil's Acre, 256 Columbus Ave., San Francisco, CA

Password: Book a private event to receive the password and entry instructions.

Why You Should Go: Visiting this basement bar is like taking a step back in time. There's low ceilings, caverns, and historic decor to peruse all while sipping a delicious craft cocktail.


The Gotham Club

Price: 💸💸

Location: AT&T Park, 24 Willie Mays Plaza, San Francisco, CA

Password: To get in, you'll need to apply for a Gotham Club membership.

Why You Should Go: This is one of the most exclusive speakeasies in San Francisco, and it's been around since 1883. Visitors will get to sip drinks behind the Giants team scoreboard in AT&T Park.


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