The world may not be flat, but you can feel like you're standing at the edge of it. The Labyrinth at Land's End in California is a dreamy maze that sits on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean, and it feels as close to infinity as a place gets. You can enjoy a little moment of zen at this truly magical spot.

Art can be found all over the city, but San Francisco is home to a unique creation that offsets its dreamy appearance with a stunning ocean backdrop.

The Lands End Labyrinth was designed by a local artist who wanted to bring the magic of the maze to a truly wonderful place.

You can explore the Chartres seven-circuit pattern, and you might even notice a serene feeling fall over you as you look out at the hypnotic waves below the outcrop.

The area is free to visit, and though it has been the subject of vandalism, volunteers keep it maintained.

As you hike the path, you'll be awestruck by the incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the surrounding ocean landscape.

To reach the labyrinth, you can visit Lands End and head to Mile Rock Beach. It is free to park, and the maze sits near two military gun structures.

If you start at the Lands End Lookout Visitor Center, you will follow a one-mile pathway to the beach, and above will be the labyrinth.

There is a staircase that connects the two, so you can explore more of the area after.

You can find your way to the middle of the design for a moment of zen and inner peace, which was the original intention of the creation.

The photos from the viewpoint are stunning, and the fresh sea breeze will whisk you away to a world of magic and dreamy fairy patterns.

Land's End Labyrinth

Price: Free

Address: El Camino Del Mar, San Francisco, CA

Why You Need To Go: This dreamy creation sits at the edge of the world and offers epic views and a zen vibe.


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