Wild Coyotes Are Taking Over San Francisco's Streets & Beaches (VIDEO)

Packs of them are howling in neighborhood streets.
Wild Coyotes In San Francisco Are Taking Over The Streets & Beaches (VIDEO)

While the people are away, the wildlife will play. Lately,  residents have gotten a few unwelcome guests. Wild coyotes in San Francisco are taking over the streets and beaches. 

One local woman took to Twitter to post about her experience. "North Beach, Greenwich & Powell, San Francisco. Coyotes howling at almost midnight last week," she wrote on April 13.

Her video showed a coyote stopping on a crosswalk on the street in front of her house and letting out a howl in the dark midnight air. As he howled, other coyotes joined in the chorus from nearby.

It's another good reason to stay indoors.

After the city's stay-at-home order was announced, the coyotes have been coming out in droves. It's also pupping season right now, which could be another reason for their expanded presence.

From the looks of things, these pack animals are making themselves at home all over the city. They're even walking around neighborhoods in the middle of the day.

However, the video that's getting the most attention right now is a gray coyote taking advantage of coronavirus restrictions as he strolled along a local Marin Beach. 

He even stops to stare at the Golden Gate Bridge.

While locals have remained mostly indoors, authorities have instructed residents not to approach or feed the animals.

San Francisco's stay-at-home order was updated on April 13. Government officials have instructed locals to stay inside their homes except for essential needs and to only go out for essentials. 

Exercise is allowed with social distancing protocols, so you can walk, bike, or take a run near your home. 

If you do venture out, keep your eyes peeled for wildlife in the city and keep a proper distance from them too. It's important to respect their space. Stay safe, San Francisco.

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