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Sandra Oh's New Air Canada Commercial Proves She Really Can Do Anything

She mentions every Canadian stereotype EVER.
Sandra Oh's Air Canada Commercial Proves She Hasn't Forgotten Her Canadian Roots

Usually, Air Canada commercials wouldn't be all that interesting, but their newest ad is a must-watch. That's right, a commercial can be a considered a must-watch, especially when it features someone like Sandra Oh. Normally airline promotions are just montages of sappy reunions with passengers certainly not looking like they spent hours on a plane. But Air Canada took its newest ad to the next level. Sandra Oh proved to us just how Canadian she is in her newest job. 

The commercial is completely on brand, really sticking to their "we're Canadian" motto. Sandra Oh spends a minute and a half letting us know just how Canadian she and the airline can be and how much more beneficial it is to "fly Canadian." On the way to her flight, although she seems to be in a rush, she had time to emphasize all the Canadian stereotypes that actually do tend to happen in an airport. 

She gets into a "sorry fight" with a woman after they bump into each other, taking at least thirty seconds to decide who gets to take the clear path first. They both hilariously scream out things like, "bagged milk," "Loonie-Toonie," and "ketchup-chips." She even solves a fight between two sisters by giving them poutine! 

She has time to visit the airport bar before her flight where she gets an international traveler to try a Ceasar. When he asks if it's "a meal or a drink" she responds with, "exactly." Oh eventually makes it onto the plane where she grabs the intercom and speaks French like the Canadian queen she is. We soon realize that she's actually playing the role of a flight attendant when she interacts with a whole line of passengers.  

She shows how Air Canada embraces all cultures, speaking different languages, and even performing an intricate handshake to show how she's hip with the kids. While the video is supposed to be an ad for the airline, what it really does is show that Sandra Oh can truly do anything. Not to mention show off her Candianess even after years of working in America

The commercial ends with the words "Travel Like a Canadian" written across the screen and morphs into their new hashtag, "#TLC." All we know is they picked the perfect celeb to show the world what flying Canadian is really like. 

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