Fans of Grey's Anatomy had their biggest dream come true yesterday... kind of. Since the moment Sandra Oh left Grey's Anatomy and Cristina Yang behind, fans have been patiently awaiting her return. While an official cameo has yet to be announced, Sandra Oh's Grey's Anatomy Character made a comeback in last night's episode.

On the season 16 episode, Meredith continued to be the queen we all love and published an article highlighting all the problematic issues that go on in the medical world, but Miranda Bailey took it as a direct hit on Grey Sloan Memorial. 

While Meredith was in the middle of completing some community service she got a text from Yang that read, "Move to Switzerland before Bailey murders you in your sleep." 

So there you have it, an update on Yang that proves she's at least alive and thankfully still the most hilarious character that's ever stepped foot in Grey Sloan Memorial. 

There have been rumours since even before this season started that a potential return from Sandra Oh was in the works. After Krista Vernoff, the head writer of Grey's Anatomy announced that "she is trying hard to get a former Grey's Anatomy star to return this season," fans speculated it could potentially be Sandra Oh.*

Although we'd all love a return from our favourite Canadian (could you imagine Sandra Oh and Giacomo Gianniotti interacting?), her schedule is pretty booked with the filming of her hit show Killing Eve

But if the fan response on Twitter to this brief Cristina Yang update is an indication, it doesn't look like they'll be giving up their efforts to get her back on the show anytime soon. 

One fan on Twitter wrote, "All of us Grey's fans when we saw Cristina's text" and then attached a gif of Yang sobbing on an earlier season. 

Another user just simply wrote, "Cristina lives" with a screengrab from the episode. 

We have no doubt that Sandra Oh will eventually return, maybe for the series finale? That, however, is probably still years away. The show was just renewed for two more seasons, and it doesn't look like their viewer ratings are dropping anytime soon.

Here's to hoping! 

*Editor's note: This article has been updated.

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