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Canadians Are Beyond Excited For Sarah McLachlan To Sing The National Anthem At Game 6

If you've been keeping up with the NBA playoffs so far, you'd know that things have been seriously intense on the court over the past few weeks. A LOT of people thought that the Raptors had it in the bag in game five, and they would bring home the first ever championship for the team, but the Warriors shocked fans with a crazy one-point win. The series is currently sitting 3-2 in favour of the Raptors, and with Game 6 tonight, anything could happen! Sarah McLachlan performing at game six of the NBA finals has Canadians hyped.

In order to keep the momentum going here in Canada, a national icon has been selected to perform the national anthem at each game so far. Performances have been made by Walk Off the Earth, Tenille Arts, and The Tenors, among others.

Since the series has made its way into a sixth game, another Canadian performer has been selected to perform the anthem tonight - Sarah McLachlan. With her sweet, soulful voice, McLachlan is definitely going to pull some heartstrings all across the arena today, and the performance will be even more special if the boys end up winning. 

Although other performances of the anthem have received some criticism, Canadians are genuinely so excited to see and hear McLachlan perform tonight:

After the Warriors took the last game by a nail-biting 106-105 win, it really is hard to say who's going to win tonight's game. With Kevin Durant sitting out after re-sustaining an injury in game five, many Raptors fans think that Canada has got this one in the bag, and we'll take home the championship tonight.

Game six is on tonight and will be played at Oracle Arena in Oakland, California. The game starts at 7 p.m. MST, and plenty of places all across the country will be playing it for fans to cheer on our team from home, loud and proud. Go Raptors!