On Thursday, February 6, a Canadian Pacific freight train derailed and caught fire east of Guernsey, Saskatchewan. No immediate injuries have been reported since the incident which took place at around 6:30 a.m. This is the second Saskatchewan train derailment in less than two months, as a CP train carrying crude oil derailed and spilled mass amounts of oil on December 9. 

According to the Calgary Herald, 24 of the train's 50 cars were involved in the derailment. 

The Saskatoon Star Phoenix reported that there is a voluntary evacuation underway in the village of Guernsey, which is within 500 meters of the derailment.

The wreck has completely shut down Highway 16 in both directions and RCMP is urging the public to find alternative routes.

Town councillor Jack Gibney stated that repairs on the train track had been done a mere few weeks prior to the December derailment, so the derailments “happening left and right” are all the more puzzling, Gibney told the Saskatoon Star Phoenix.

He also mentioned that Guernsey residents were using the town hall as a gathering place during the insident. 

Photos and videos have emerged online that show the massive flames over the wreckage and endless amounts of smoke.

One eyewitness, Kyle Brown described the scene as a “warzone.” CBC News reported. 

The Minister of Transport Marc Garneau responded on Twitter, stating that he is following the situation closely and still “gathering the facts”.

In an email to Narcity, Salem Woodrow of CP explained that "At approximately 6:15 a.m. local time a CP freight train derailed east of the community of Guernsey, Sask. Emergency responders have been deployed to the site," though they did not provide more information at this time, the email continued to say that "CP is making initial assessments of the incident and will have further comment when available"

According to CTV News, the optional evacuation in Guernsey has already seen 80 residents fleeing to nearby Lanigan.

This train derailment occurred in the same place as the December train disaster, where over 1.5 million litres of crude oil were leaked. 

Quite a few derailments have occurred across Canada recently, with one derailment just last week near Field, B.C. which caused over 60 injuries and 3 fatalities.  

People have been extensively sharing their footage of the crashed cars covered in flames.

One Twitter user shared a video that shows tons of black smoke spreading into the town of Guernsey near the crash site.

Another Twitter user gave a glimpse of the destructive flames lining the track soon after the derailment happened. 

The first responders have been working hard to tame the flames since 6:30 a.m. No injuries have been reported in connection to the derailment at this time. 

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