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A Saskatchewan Town Is Evacuating After A Derailed Train Ignited A Huge Fire (VIDEO)

An eyewitness said the scene "looked like a war zone."
A Saskatchewan Town Is Evacuating After A Derailed Train Ignited A Huge Fire (VIDEO)

A train went off the rails near the village of Guernsey Saskatchewan and it has now forced an evacuation of its residents. The Saskatchewan train derailment occurred at 6:00 a.m. central time, with the vehicle catching fire shortly after. According to CBC News, the train was carrying crude oil and derailed roughly 2.5 kilometres east of Guernsey. 

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada said in a statement that they are sending a team of investigators to the site of the crash to assess what happened.

Transport Canada tweeted "If we find any non-compliance with safety requirements, we will take action."

About 80 of the 100 people who live in the village are being evacuated, according to Global News. They are being sent to a temporary centre in Lanigan.

Highway 16 and a nearby junction with Highway 20 have both been closed, according to CBC News.

Eyewitness Kyle Brown drove by the scene shortly after it occurred, saying it "looked like a war zone" to CBC News.

This latest train derailment comes less than two months after another train went off the tracks in the same area, according to CTV News. In that instance, nearly 1.5 million litres of crude oil were spilled into the area.

Patty Prentice, another person who saw the early stages of the fire, told CBC News, "I said a prayer when I saw the first fire trucks leave Lanigan. We're just praying for the people that are out there taking care of this right now."

Videos and photos shared on Twitter show the giant plume of smoke rising into the air from the site of the crash.

Global News reports that Canadian-Pacific Rail has not released any information as of yet regarding how many cars came off the rails or if there were any injuries sustained in the crash. First responders are reportedly on the scene.

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