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Saskatoon Has Apartments Under $1000 That Are A Lot Nicer Than You'd Expect

Is it time for some prairie living?
Saskatoon Has Apartments Under $1000 That Are A Lot Nicer Than You'd Expect

A reality that most Canadians can't seem to escape is that you have to pay the rent. Just like clockwork, the first of the month shows up, and that money is gone. If you don't have to pay too much, it's not actually that bad. There are Saskatoon apartments for rent that are under $1000, and they're much nicer than you might imagine.

With so many Canadians working from home now, it's possible that some companies might start to shift their business model permanently.

If that's the case, then some people would be able to do their jobs from anywhere in the country.

If you're not the kind of person that gets too attached to a city, then you could consider moving somewhere that has incredibly affordable rent and saving up some money for your future.

St. John's is a great option for cheap apartments (ones that are also better than you might think given the monthly cost), but what if you feel like heading out west?

Saskatoon is the only major city in Canada where the average rent is under $1000, meaning you're more likely to find something for less than a grand each month.

Not only that, but some of these places would go for a lot more in a city like Toronto or Vancouver. 

365-377 Pendygrasse Road

Price: $775 - $1215

You can get a modestly priced one or two-bedroom unit in this buidling. They include new bathrooms and refinished kitchens. Some of the apartments even include in-suite laundry!

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3730 Diefenbaker Drive

Price: $895

These 2-bedroom suites provide plenty of space for a very reasonable price. On top of the extra room, you also get your own balcony plus air conditioning.

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1814 22 Street West

Price: $800 - $900

A one-bedroom unit in this building goes for $800 a month, but you can get an entire other room for just $100 more. Plus, this building is pet-friendly so you can bring your furry friend!

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125 Avenue O South

Price: $800 - $950

These clean and fresh apartments come with either one or two bedrooms, and each of them features its own balcony. If you have your own car, parking is just an extra $15 a month.

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20 Summers Place

Price: $810

One-bedroom suites in this building go for very cheap, while still offering the same cozy comfort of other places in Saskatoon. It's the perfect place for a young working professional or a student.

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1101 Avenue W North

Price: $850 - $925

The apartments in this building are freshly painted and most also include a balcony. They even have dishwashers, for those who want to throw out their old dish rack.

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118 Edinburgh Place

Price: $850 - $999

Whether you just need the one bedroom or want to pay for the extra space, there's no beating the number of nearby conveniences to this building, such as a grocery store, mall, and walkable bus stops.

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106 111 Street

Price: $875

These cozy one-bedroom units are freshly painted and feature refinished kitchens (some of which include dishwashers which, again, is always a great bonus).

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112 110 Street West

Price: $955

These lovely, open-concept one-bedroom suites offer plenty of space and bright comfort. Throw in the perks of a balcony and air conditioning, and this is a great place to call home.

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