This Canadian City Wants To Pay You Up To 100k To Ride Their Public Transit

Saskatoon City is looking for social media influencers to ride their buses.
This Canadian City Wants To Pay You Up To 100k To Ride Their Public Transit
Ontario Editor

Have you ever wanted to get paid to ride public transit? Honestly, getting paid to do something that you already do almost every day seems like a pretty good deal. Saskatoon Transit is looking into hiring social media influencers for their new advertisement campaign and they're willing to spend $100K.  

That's right, according to CBC News, you could actually get paid to ride the bus. The city of Saskatoon is looking into a new advertisement campaign that will help increase the ridership throughout their city. One proposal highlights hiring social influencers to post "authentic content" as it could actually be cheaper and more beneficial than running mass ads or billboards. 

These social media influencers will post 'authentic content' that will show them taking public transit and how easy it is to fit taking public transit into your everyday life. 

However, to be qualified as an influencer, there are some fields of criteria that you need to meet. You need to be someone who has built their own online following through a social media platform and be able to promote brands successfully. 

Yet, Saskatoon Transit told CBC that these social influencers don't necessarily need a huge number of followers. As long as the influencers are able to create a successful and 'tailor-made' campaign, they could be considered for the position. 

Saskatoon City is also looking for someone who ideally lives in Saskatoon and uses a bus daily. However, this is not a necessary requirement. 

The project is still in the works. The City of Saskatoon has received a proposal for influencers marketing campaigns with a $100k budget. 

However, applications are already open! Interested applicants have until April 25 to apply. If these qualifications sound like you, then you might be the right person for the job. 

According to Saskatoon Star Phoenix, the city is seeking bids for influencer campaigns that last a nine-month term with a potential for an extension for a year. 

If these proposals are to pass, then Saskatoon will be in full swing of hiring social media influencers in order to help them build trust in Saskatoon Transit.  

*Disclaimer: Cover photo used for illustrative purposes only. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor