A Saskatoon Zoo Just Got Canada's First Ever Pair of Dingoes And Canadians Can't Get Enough Of Them

They're here on a mission for animal conservation.
One of Canada's new dingoes explores its new home in Saskatoon

Meet Maple and Euci, Canada's first-ever and only pair of purebred dingoes in the nation. The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo just got an adorable pair of dingo sisters all the way from New South Wales, Australia. Tim Sinclair-Smith, an Australian native himself who now manages the Saskatoon Zoo, brought the dingoes to Canada on a mission for animal conservation.

According to Sinclair-Smith, dingo hunting and trapping are common in Australia, where dingoes are often seen as a threatening pest. He's partnered with other conservationists to try and protect Australia's dingo population, including the Australian Dingo Foundation, who helped bring Maple and Euci to Canada in the first place. 

“These girls are ambassadors for their species and hopefully we can get (their status) changed and get the Australian government to reclassify them,” Sinclair-Smith told CTV

To escape the hunting grounds in Australia, the sisters are now setting up shop in their new home in Canada, where Canadians are able to visit the adorable creatures in their new habitat. 

Since dingoes are a vulnerable species, Sinclair-Smith hopes that global education and awareness about these wild dogs will help protect dingoes from the brink of extinction. The dingo enclosure just opened for public viewing on Friday, and honestly, Canadians can't get enough of them. One excited Facebook user was thrilled about the addition, and even went so far as to say, "Nice exhibit! The Dingoes were playful and happy and obviously very comfortable in their enclosure. Well done!" 

Other Facebook commenters were quick to tag friends and family to make plans to visit the wildlife park this weekend and say hello to the dingoes. "Kids were excited to see the dingoes," said another Facebook user. 

The dingo love didn't stop on Facebook, with delighted Canadians taking to Twitter to welcome Canada's new pups. 

So far, it appears that Maple and Euci are just as happy to be here in Canada as Canadians are to have them! Zookeepers report that following their 14,000 KM journey to Saskatoon, and a mandatory month-long quarantine, both dingoes are settling in quite happily.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to book a flight to go see them for myself! 

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