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This Groovy Pizza Shop In Florida Is A Hidden Hippie Paradise

As vintage as pizza's invention.
This Groovy Pizza Shop In Florida Is A Hidden Hippie Paradise

Most people love a good slice of pizza but there is a place in particular with a hippie vibe that has foodies coming from all over the state. Satchel's Pizza in Gainsville serves quality pizza in a beautiful setting that features stained glass windows, local art, homemade sodas, and live music for the adventurous foodie.

Whether you are eating in a van, under a plane, or in a greenhouse, you will feel right at home. Satchel's Pizza offers customized pizzas where customers can add their own toppings or order a version of a supreme pizza. The restaurant is not overwhelming, instead, it is a celebration of all things cheesy and simple.

The venue has a toy shop where they sell weird tchotchkes that is hard to miss during your visit. This is definitely not your typical pizza shop where you order "the usual."

Satchel's Pizza serves giant pizzas with quality ingredients. Many people are willing to travel from far away and wait to be served because they know they can get the cheesiest pizza at this shop. 

This is definitely a Gainesville staple that many college students and locals are loyal to. What makes it extra exclusive is the hippie vibe and unique Volkswagen seating area.

According to Whitney, a Yelp Reviewer, "The food here is exceptional! The menu is pretty concise — they have pizza, calzones and salad. As far as I'm concerned, you can't go wrong with any of it."

You can have it deep dish, vegan, or supreme. No matter what you order, Satchel's can personalize your order your way. 

Satchel's Pizza

Address: 1800 N.E. 23rd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32609

Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Why you need to go: This hippie pizza shop has a vintage decor and a delicious pizza menu. Also, you can eat and sit inside the vintage Volkswagen. 


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