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This Upcycled Shipping Container Yard Is Becoming A New Adult Playground In Savannah

Just when you thought Savannah couldn't get trendier.

Driving through Savannah's Starland District, you used to see stacks of shipping containers and many would wonder what they could possibly be used for. Giving some tribute to Savannah's port economy, Starland Yard is turning the containers into places for people to gather with food and entertainment in a setting, unlike the rest. 

The idea of Starland Yard was first making new around three years ago. This Savannah dream is finally coming to reality in late July or early August of this year. It is going to be a unique place where everyone in Savannah and even other neighboring towns can gather, play and eat some pretty great food. 

These huge shipping containers are being cut, lifted, and placed all over the area. This new hangout will be new to the people of Savannah so you're really in for some fun times. 

The area that used to look like a stockyard is starting to resemble restaurants, (rental) event venues and places to watch your favorite sports game. The vibe is very much making upcycling and refurbishing look cool. 

This spot is also going to be the city's first ever food truck park. You will have different options to choose from from four trucks at a time so you'll always have a nice variety. 

In addition to the food trucks, there are a few restaurants already in the works. Right now, there will be a pizza place, Pizzeria Italiano Napoletana; a dessert place, Pie Society; and a full bar (name undisclosed). You can enjoy your meal on a covered patio, in the "play area" or by the bocce ball field. 

You'll be able to sit in containers that have TV's everywhere to watch a game on-screen or even off since corn hole and bocce ball are also encouraged and set up for play.  

One very smart and useful idea that the creators have come up with is a cashless destination. When you walk in, you will slide your card and open a tab as soon as you enter. This gives you the freedom to go to any of the restaurants or food trucks and not have to pull your wallet out once. If you're not for the digital experience, they will allow you to use cash. 

Keep your party going after you visit this new hangout spot and head down to this martini bar in downtown Savannah that serves up dessert martini's to end your night.

There is so much potential for Starland Yard and we will soon be able to see how much work has gone into this one-of-a-kind hang out spot in the city. Keep a lookout on their Instagram to see the progress of the area, as well as new places and events that will be coming!

Starland Yards 

Address: 2411 DeSoto Ave. Savannah, Georgia 

Why you should go: This yard of upcycled shipping containers is getting transformed into a gathering place for friends and families to come and enjoy each other's company.