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7 Of The Best Drinks To Order At Savannah's Only Holiday-Themed Bar, As Told By A Local

Whether you're naughty or nice, there's a shot waiting for you.

Georgia Contributing Writer
​The Christmas Cricket cocktail. Right: The Miracle Bar at Eastern Wharf.

The Christmas Cricket cocktail. Right: The Miracle Bar at Eastern Wharf.

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Miracle Bar at Savannah's Eastern Wharf is a festive destination that will elevate your night out to new levels of comfort and joy.

Located in the swanky Thompson Hotel, this pop-up bar appears to be decorated by none other than Santa's elves.

From fairy lights to cozy plaid blankets, it has everything you need to settle in with a cocktail and celebrate the holiday season.

Here are 7 of the best drinks to order at Eastern Wharf's Miracle Bar that will make your night out with friends merry and bright.

Christmas Cricket

The Christmas Cricket presents a festive take on the classic cocktail, The Grasshopper.

This minty and smooth drink is served in a frosty Nick & Norah glass and topped with shaved dark chocolate curls. It blends Blanco tequila with peppermint amaro and sweet vanilla liqueur.

Naughty & Nice Shots

At the Miracle Bar, it's up to you to decide where you land on Santa's list.

Served in miniature Kris Kringle shot glasses, the "Nice Shot" blends smooth flavors of peppermint, chocolate and dark rum. The "Naughty Shot" is a fiery mix of cinnamon and bourbon.

Whether you've been on your best behavior or not, there's a shot just for you.

Yippie Ki Yay Mother F*er

This lively cocktail blends three different types of rum with notes of purple ube, coconut orgeat, pineapple and fresh mint.

The result is a fruity and vibrant drink, served over crushed ice with a dash of powdered sugar in a festive Santa mug.


This seasonal take on a classic Cosmopolitan sees the addition of elderflower, warm spices, and rosemary.

Complete with an absinthe rinse, this drink is as refreshing as it is timeless. It's served up with fresh herbs in a snowflake-covered coupe glass that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud.

Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper is a zippy and herbaceous play on a classic Tom Collins. This highball gin cocktail sees the addition of spiced caraway syrup and eucalyptus bitters.

The endearing koala bear garnish hugging a sage leaf would melt the heart of the Grinch himself.

Jingle Balls Nog

No holiday celebration is complete without eggnog. A mug of Miracle Bar's Jingle Balls Nog incorporates classic eggnog spices with cognac and cream sherry.

It's served warm in a festive mug reminiscent of an ugly holiday sweater with a dash of freshly ground nutmeg.

Holiday Spiked Chai

No need to head to your local coffee shop to get your Chai fix. This spiked holiday cocktail is an amalgamation of bold rum, coffee liqueur, toasty amaretto and warm chai flavors.

The addition of egg white and fresh nutmeg gives this drink a decadent, frothy finish.

    Maeve Browne
    Georgia Contributing Writer
    Maeve Browne is a Contributing Writer for Narcity’s USA Desk focused on food and Internet trends and is based in Savannah, Georgia.
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