In 2019, it was announced that Savannah, Georgia's Riverfront District was about to get a little bigger. The city already has so many historical places to explore and many outdoor activities, but this one might take the cake. The newest attraction of Savannah's Riverfront was supposed to be ready to go in April but its opening date has been pushed back to July due to COVID-19.

Plant Riverside District used to be a powerplant, but now it's being turned into a completely new place for visitors and locals to play and stay. 

The original ribbon-cutting date was April 29, but because of the current pandemic, that date has now been pushed back to July 15 of this year. 

The $330 million project is the largest redevelopment project ever taken on by the district, according to Thrillist. It's about 4.5 acres and has a quarter-mile of new riverwalk for visitors to enjoy. 

This space will serve as both an entertainment and business district. There'll continuously be live music inside the different venues and outside, in the common area.

Customers will have over a dozen options to choose from when it comes to dining experiences, with three rooftop bars to choose from after lunch or dinner.

One of the bars even has a rooftop slide, which guests can use as an exit to make it feel more like an adult playground. 

Four different hotels and accommodations were announced since the beginning of the project, and they include the JW Marriott Savannah, Plant Riverside District, the Atlantic Building, the Power Plant Building, and the Three Muses Building.

The overall feature guests might notice are the dinosaurs throughout the entire area. The focal point is the 135-foot-long Amphicoelias replica. Its surface is entirely chrome to give off unique colors in the light.

While no one can determine what the summer holds, given the current situation, the July 15 date is what everyone should expect. Even if visitors don't stay in the district, exploring it is a must when coming to Savannah.