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#ScheerlessTuesday Is Trending After The Conservative Party Loses

The hashtag is a new take on #TrudeaulessTuesday.
#ScheerlessTuesday Is Trending After The Conservative Party Loses

24 hours ago, Canadians across the country were taking to Twitter to share their thoughts and predictions before Canada’s election. Throughout Monday afternoon, the hashtag #TrudeaulessTuesday was trending on Twitter, with many using the phrase to celebrate (in advance) a country without Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister. Now, it seems the hashtag has backfired on those who originated it, as election hashtag #ScheerlessTuesday is trending, after Conservative leader Andrew Scheer failed to become Canada’s next Prime Minister.

It was announced last night that the Liberals were officially the victors of the 2019 federal election, after ultimately winning 157 seats in comparison with the Conservatives’ 121. While Justin Trudeau and his party have emerged on top, they failed to receive a majority, meaning that they still could end up forming a partnership with another party.

Despite the hashtag #TrudeaulessTuesday trending on Monday afternoon, by early Tuesday morning, as the election results started to become clearer, the Twitter hashtag got revamped. By the time Canadians across the country were waking up on Tuesday morning, #ScheerlessTuesday was the trending election hashtag instead.

While the original hashtag was created to celebrate-in-advance a Tuesday morning that wasn’t under Justin Trudeau, the new hashtag has become a celebratory phrase for those who are clearly not Andrew Scheer’s biggest fans.

Using the trending hashtag, one Canadian Twitter user wrote, “It’s a #ScheerlessTuesday and I feel so motivated!! Friends, we get to keep our friggin healthcare!!!!!!!!!!! No one will come after abortions. The LGBTQ+ community will not have a leader who compared them to dogs. The list goes on, but thank you to all who voted."

Another shared a similar opinion, also using the hashtag to say, “#ScheerlessTuesday is a win for women, men, children, the LGBTQ community, health care, education, the list goes on! Today I’m so proud to be a Canadian."

Another Canadian was clearly pleased with the election result, taking to Twitter to use the hashtag and say, "Happy #ScheerlessTuesday! National day of celebration! I have never felt so relieved with an election result."

One person simply tweeted, "Well it's going to be a beautiful day! #ScheerlessTuesday. I'm happy to be Canadian living in the best country in the world."

It’s been a tough morning no doubt for Conservative leader Andrew Scheer. While the Liberals under Justin Trudeau got the most seats, it was actually the Conservatives who won the popular vote, claiming 34.4 per cent of the vote compared to the Liberals' 33.1 per cent.

If the devastating loss and trending Twitter hashtag was not bad enough for Scheer this morning, some people on social media are already calling on him to resign.

Andrew Scheer is yet to make an official comment on his social media channels, simply saying in his speech last night, “When the time comes, and who knows when that will be? Canadians will need us to replace the Trudeau Liberals with a Conservative government that unites the country, celebrates our freedoms and ... serves to help every Canadian get ahead."

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