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So Many People Wanted To Hear Scheer Talk About Trudeau That The Floor Started Sinking

The 'Scheer' weight of everyone there was too much!
Scheer's Response To Justin Trudeau Was So Popular The Floor Started Sinking
Senior Editor

It has probably been an extremely busy 12 hours for opposition leader Andrew Scheer, after images of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wearing “brownface” were publicized and went viral, late on Wednesday evening. Although Scheer did post a somewhat unpopular response video on his social media accounts on Wednesday night, it seems that many Canadians are eager to hear more from the Conservative leader. In fact, his Thursday morning event was so busy, the actual floor started sinking!

The Conservative leader was scheduled to make an unrelated announcement on Thursday morning in Quebec, speaking about the party’s policies for senior care in Canada. However, following the night’s events related to Justin Trudeau, a much larger-than-expected crowd is thought to have gathered to listen to what Andrew Scheer had to say.

In fact, the crowd is reported to have been so big, that the floor at the Bistro boutique La Boulangere started sinking! Meaning that Scheer’s announcement and subsequent press interviews had to be moved to an outside location!

In an initial tweet on Thursday morning, a reporter at the scene posted, "Room set up for ⁦Andrew Scheer's announcement in Saint-Hyacinthe on help for seniors today."

The reporter's tweet was shortly followed up with another comment, which said, “I’m going to guess there won’t be too many questions from reporters on the actual policy today…,” suggesting that a considerable number of the people present were looking for further comment from Scheer about Trudeau’s brownface photographs.

Shortly before 11 a.m., Global reporter Mike Le Couteur updated his Twitter thread to say that Scheer’s event had been moved, due to the "Scheer" weight of everybody that had gathered!

Le Couteur explained, “The Scheer event has been moved outside because the floor inside the store was starting to sink under the weight of all the people inside.”

The press and reporters were keen to ask Scheer further questions about Trudeau’s overnight brownface scandal. Scheer was reportedly asked by one interviewer, “Have you ever dressed up in a similar way in the past?” to which the Conservative leader simply answered, “No.”

One reporter is also believed to have asked Andrew Scheer directly if Trudeau should resign, to which Scheer only replied, “He’s [Trudeau] not fit to govern this country.”

Regardless of the reason why Scheer is likely to be grateful for the considerable amount of Canadians who gathered to listen to him speak today after previous reports have suggested that turn-out numbers at his public campaign events have been "modest."

Whether or not Scheer will truly benefit from this latest Trudeau scandal remains to be seen, but Canadians will head to the polls to decide on October 21.

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