The role of Alexis Rose could have turned out to be very different on Schitt's Creek. She was reportedly almost played by Roland Schitt’s real-life daughter, Abby Elliot. That didn’t end up happening past a presentation pilot because Annie Murphy got cast as Alexis after the original actress had scheduling issues.

The Daily Beast recently published an interview with the show’s co-creator and star Dan Levy, along with his on-screen sister, Annie Murphy. The news outlet reported that “Alexis had been played by SNL alum Abby Elliott in the pilot. When scheduling issues prevented her from continuing with the series, Levy brought Murphy back in to read again.”

Elliott was on Saturday Night Live from 2008 to 2012 where according to IMDb, she “skillfully portrayed Angelina Jolie, Chloë Sevigny and Joan Cusack.” She was also Jeanette on How I Met Your Mother in 2013 to 2014, and starred as Brooke Von Weber in the series Odd Mom Out.

Fans of the CBC sitcom know Abby’s father Chris as the clumsy and slightly ditzy mayor of Schitt’s Creek. He’s been a part of the main cast since the beginning of the series in 2015.

If Abby had been part of the cast, it would have added to the off-screen relationships among cast members since Sarah Levy who plays Twyla Sands is the daughter of Eugene Levy and sister of Dan.

When speaking to The Daily Beast, Dan told them, “It was a really hard character to cast. You needed someone who was going to bring an inherent likability to the part so that people weren’t completely put off by the character.”

But Dan’s father and co-creator Eugene apparently “couldn’t get past the idea of what Elliott had done in the presentation pilot and, more specifically, how she looked.”

Luckily, after taking a minute "to adjust," Murphy got cast in the role of the Rose family’s hilariously dramatic daughter.

It seems like fans love her so much that some on Twitter are asking for a spin-off series about Alexis’ crazy and adventurous life before moving to Schitt’s Creek.