Annie Murphy Revealed A Fight She Had Filming "Schitt's Creek" & Shocked The Cast (VIDEO)

It's time to play "Know Your Schitt's Creek."
Annie Murphy Revealed A Fight She Had Filming "Schitt's Creek" & Shocked The Cast (VIDEO)

Annie Murphy made a shocking reveal during the Schitt's Creeks cast appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and Dan Levy was floored. After six years of working together, even Catherine O'Hara was shocked at what the 33-year-old actress had to say. It's all thanks to Fallon who initiated the originally harmless game, "Know Your Schitt's Creek." 

After announcing the name of the game the cast would be playing, the television host went on to explain that each member, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy, and Annie Murphy, would take turns wearing a noise-cancelling headset. 

They would then be asked to answer questions about their castmate, attempting to match their response with what they thought their cast member would reply with. 

The beginning of the game ran smoothly with the cast proving that after six seasons of filming together they've become pretty close. 

However, the audience got some few good tidbits of information like how Eugene's biggest pet peeve on set was having to wet his hair, or how Dan's first job was working at a Gap Kids even though according to the rest of the cast he does not get along with children. 

The big shocker though, came when it was time for Murphy to slip on her earphones. 

Fallon asked, "What is the biggest fight Annie got into on set?" 

The cast was absolutely stumped, consulting with one another about possible answers. 

Dan came to the conclusion that, "It was a trick question" and that as Canadians, "They weren't into conflict." 

O'Hara even told Fallon that she was unsure because the actress she knew was "just a lovely Canadian girl." 

To everyone's disbelief, when Murphy removed her headphones and was asked the question about herself, she knew the answer immediately. 

Dan's facial expression said it all. He was completely thrown off, looking over at the rest of the cast members for an explanation.

Turns out her biggest fight on set was actually with Dan Levy himself over pizza, "We got into a heated argument about what dirty fast-food pizza is the best and you got so upset that you ordered five different pizzas from five different places and made us have a taste test at lunch."

Dan now doubled over in laughter after recalling the fight concluded with, "That is accurate." 

You can watch the full game unfold below. 

It's no surprise how well the sit-coms cast knows each other, their ties with one another stretch out way farther than just Schitt's Creek

Not only are Euegene and Dan Levy father and son, but Eugene has known and worked with Catherine O'Hara since their time on SCTV starting back in 1976. 

The final season of Schitt's Creek airs Tuesday nights on CBC.