The Schitt's Creek cast tour ended last night, and it's forcing fans to come to terms with the closing of an era. That's not the only sad part as we're just a little over a month away from the premiere of the shows final season. While the cast and fans are just trying to soak up as much time as they have left, it's still leaving everyone extremely emotional. 

Emily Hampshire, who plays Stevie on the Canadian comedy, has taken to documenting every tour stop the cast has been on, but last night was extra special. 

In the caption for her post Hampshire wrote,

"A few highlights from our last #schittscreekupcloseandpersonal tour stop 😭 in #atlanticcity1- “Annie? How did u gonna walk on stage? 🥴2- The Rosebudd Motels very own Stag & Stevie spotted in the crowd3- ...complete with decorative 🛎!!4- The LOOOOOOOOOOOONGEST walk of all time and space back to my room5- meeting Kelly & Falcon 🐶 in the morning." 

Along with the caption, she shared bittersweet moments of the cast laughing, being hilarious, and just overall showcasing the amount of love they have for each other and the fans. 

In the comments, fans shared how heartbroken they were over having to lose their favourite series. Writing things like "Thank y’all for the series of a lifetime. 💔💔💔💔💔" and "What a gift to your fans this is! Thank you ❤️."

Just hours after their final performance, the teaser for Schitt's Creek's final season was released making everyone even more emotional. 

The cast looks like they may be dressed in wedding attire parading around the grounds of the Rosebud motel, which will never not be emotional for Schitt's Creek fans. 

This tour stop in Atlanta City closed off a month-long tour that managed to squeeze one Canadian date in Vancouver last month

Although the live shows are ending, New York City is offering an opportunity of a lifetime. It was recently announced that the set of Schitt's Creek is being recreated in "The Big Apple" and tickets are available for set tours

While things are slowly coming to a close, there's still so much of Schitt's Creek left to enjoy. 

Season 5 of Schitt's Creek premieres January 7, 2020 on CTV. 

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