The 2019 Emmy Awards weren't so great for Canadians. Our two biggest contenders for the awards were the cast of Schitt's Creek and Sandra Oh, but unfortunately, neither came out on top. While it is disappointing for Canadian fans, there was still lots of reason to celebrate last night, especially for the Schitt's Creek Cast. Most cast members just continued to express how grateful they were to be even getting the chance to be at the Emmys. They gave their full attention to every interviewer and strut their way onto the best dressed list. Dan Levy even discussed the fate of the final season and a potential Schitt's Creek spinoff

It's no secret that a lot of Canadians watched the Emmys just to see the Schitt's Creek cast win. Although they continuously got beat by a show called Fleabag, that literally no one has watched, we still got a lot of info on the upcoming season and the Levy's future plans.

Out of all the Schitt's Creek interviews from last night, it seems like ET Canada was able to get the most out of Dan Levy about the final season and what's to come. He started off by saying, "this is surreal, this is wild" even joking that because it's most of the cast's first Emmys ever, "If you see someone aimlessly wandering around the carpet, it's probably someone from my show." 

For himself, he mentioned how surreal it was that after five years of Schitt's Creek they were finally nominated for an Emmy, describing his weekend as, "me running up to people I love and screaming at them." After the initial reaction to the red carpet and awards, he really got into what he thought of the series finale, "It's all done. I know exactly how it ends and I'm happy with it." When it came to discussing what he thought the fans would think, he did admit they'll be "crossing their fingers" when it airs next year but that he "stayed true to the fans" and to the show he's wanted to create since the beginning.

The most interesting part is when he discussed his future plans after Schitt's Creek. He is still in the middle of post-production for the final season but after that, "he's a free oyster" and "he'll see what he can chuck from it." When asked directly about a spinoff he said, "Honestly I have no idea." That isn't a no, guys! Maybe one of those oyster pearls he talked about chucking will be a spinoff.

While he couldn't tell us exactly whether or not we'd see the Roses after this final season, he did say that he wants to work with the exact same cast again. He wants to hire the exact same people and just, "do it again." 

Overall, the show was nominated for four Emmy Awards this year and while they didn't win, Levy did mention that next year's goal is to get to the Emmys again!