11 “Schitt’s Creek” Goodies You Can Buy On Etsy That Are Oh So Incredible

You'll want the "BéBé on board" sticker!
11 “Schitt’s Creek” Goodies You Can Buy On Etsy That Are Oh So Incredible

Whether you watch the CBC sitcom week by week on live TV or prefer binge-watching all the seasons at once, you probably know the Rose family pretty well. They've been in our hearts and homes since 2015, but their sad departure is coming this spring. Luckily, you can still get your fill of the best catchphrases, quotes, and inside jokes with these Schitt's Creek Etsy items

Currently in its sixth and final season, get ready to say goodbye to the family who lost their fortune and were forced to move to the town they bought as a joke for their son’s birthday. 

Since production already wrapped up, you can visit the Rosebud Motel sign that’s currently in Toronto’s CBC Broadcast Centre. Unfortunately, you can’t buy the real thing online, but there are tons of replica items you can pick up to show off your love for the series.


Keep yourself laughing on the go with the huge variety of sticker packs featuring the show's iconic lines and characters. You can find some of Alexis' greatest hits like "Ew, David!" and "love that journey for me", vinyl decals of the Rose family, and even handmade drawings of classic items paired with the best quotes.

Rose Apothecary Shirts & Sweaters

If you want to support David's business endeavour that we so wish was real, you'll love the Rose Apothecary shirts and sweaters. The t-shirt comes in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours including navy, black, white, purple, maroon and more. The sweatshirt looks super cozy and comes in colours including black, navy, red, and grey.

Wine Glasses

Your next wine night in just got a lot more fun with these custom wine glasses with the best phrases like "fold in the cheese" and "very uninterested in that opinion".


If Moira Rose is more your cup of tea, sip on this mug that features her face and "You're My BéBé", perfect for your significant other or even yourself.

"BéBé On Board" Car Decal 

You don't technically need a baby to stick this hilarious decal on the back of your car. Featuring Moira's iconic "BéBé", this sticker is sure to get a giggle out of fellow Schitt's Creek fans who get stuck behind you in traffic.

Prayer Candles

Pop the Rose family around your house with these scented prayer candles that feature a photo of each family member. They're sold separately and according to the description are "scented with white zinfandel fragrance oil".

Colouring Book 

You're never too old for a night in of colouring and binge-watching your favourite show or movie. Have some childlike fun with A Very Schitty Coloring Book that features 10 handmade drawings of the cast.

Rosebud Motel Key Chain

Channel your inner Stevie Budd with the Rosebud Motel key tag featuring a shout out to the real filming location in Ontario. Colour options are pink and red and it retails for $11.

Greeting Cards

What better way to say happy birthday than with a little bit of Alexis and David. The customizable birthday card lets you add in the name of the recipient that will totally make their day. If congratulations are in order, this Alexis "Love this journey for you" card would also be a hit.

Phone Case

Show off your love for Schitt's Creek with this "Ew, David" clear phone case that comes in multiple iPhone sizes.


Your guests will know how much you love the show before they even get in your home with this doormat that says "best wishes, warm regards" that comes from the episode where Stevie and David slept together.