5 "Schitt's Creek" Fan Moments That Prove How Wholesome The Series Is

Remember Mount Schittmore?
5 "Schitt's Creek" Fan Moments That Prove How Wholesome The Series Is

The time has finally come. After years of getting the world to fall in love with the Rose family, Schitt's Creek is finally coming to an end. With only 14 episodes left in their 6 season run, so many amazing things have happened both on screen and offscreen. It wasn't just the actors who had the opportunity to have the time of their lives though, these next couple of Schitt's Creek fan moments made the show even better. 

Going from a small Canadian series to having tattoos dedicated to the cast members, engagements made in the shows honour, and welcoming even other celebs into the fanbase are just some of the things that make this comedy so special. 

Mount Schittmore

While Schitt's Creek has millions of fans worldwide, there are some fans that take their love for the Roses to whole other levels.

Back in August of 2019, the Schitt's Creek Instagram account re-posted a photo of a tattoo that a fan had recently gotten done with a written tribute to how much the show meant to them:

"Well ladies and gents, @rawr_mariella did it again!!! I give you MOUNT SCHITTMORE!!! To simply say thank you for bringing so much joy to my life. I’ve been a huge fan from day one and have watched every season at least 12 times. So thank you cast of #schittscreek for changing so many lives. I’m ready to embrace the final season with open arms!!! I’m in love with this new tattoo."

The tattoo was of the Rose family laid out like the presidents on Mount Rushmore. They called it..."Mount Schittmore."

Ultimate Schitt's Creek Engagement  

This past December, a Schitt's Creek pop-up was opened in New York City to commemorate the upcoming last season. 

Two long-time fans of the show, who admitted part of the reason they fell in love was because of watching David and Patrick's love story play out on screen, got engaged in front of the rebuilt Rose Apothecary. 

Not only that, but Dan Levy responded to the captured moment by PopTV and wrote, "Pitching this to Hallmark."

The Rose Motel Cake 

The Schitt's Creek cast had a jam-packed year. In between attending the Emmy's and filming season 6 of the comedy, the cast set out on a North American tour. 

At one of the tour stops it happened to be Dan Levy's birthday. Not only did fans prepare a communal happy birthday song for him when he walked on stage, but a cake shaped like the Rose Motel was also ordered. 

Schitt's Creek Baseball Team 

Goodwood, Ontario was home to the Schitt's Creek cast for six years, and they were welcomed with not just open arms but a baseball team. 

The residences of the small town were so appreciative of being chosen to become Schitt's Creek that the local baseball team was temporarily named after the show. 

Paul Rudd: The Biggest Fan  

The most unexpected fan moment of all might be when Paul Rudd admitted he is a huge fan of the show.

He spoke so highly of the Schitt's Creek family you would think he was Canadian.

He even said, "Eugene Levy is such an MVP. In every category, in life, he's just so funny, the whole family is incredible."

Season 6 of Schitt's Creek Premieres January 7 on CBC.

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