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"Schitt's Creek" Fans Are Extra Emotional After A Breakup On Last Night's Episode

"Oh no I'm crying at lunch because of last night's 'Schitt's Creek'."

Watching the Schitt’s Creek final season play out every week has been hard on fans of the series, but last night’s episode had an extra dose of heartbreak. If you haven’t yet had a chance to watch what went down on the Tuesday, February 25 episode, you’ll want to avoid the spoilers ahead.

Last night, we saw Dustin Milligan’s character Ted return to town to tell his on-again-off-again girlfriend Alexis (played by Annie Murphy) that he received an offer to work in the Galapagos on a three-year contract.

As badly as the duo wants to be together, Alexis ultimately decides that she wouldn’t be able to move away and leave her life behind for three years. As a final goodbye, Alexis and Ted decide to spend one last beautiful night together, making for an incredibly emotional episode.

The Schitt’s Creek cast has been in their feelings on social media since the final season was announced, and last night Murphy and Milligan both shared heartfelt messages on Twitter.

“Welp! Huge thanks to the entire #Schittscreek cast, crew, and writing team for enduring 6 years of my bad and forced puns — I will miss you all dearly. But most of all, I’ll miss my long fringeship with horny Annie. Thanks for everything #schittheads!”, Milligan wrote.

Murphy also shared a sweet but simple message, tweeting, “It was an honour and a privilege being the "xis" to your "Te", @DustinWMilligan #schittscreek #Texis.”

No one was more emotional than fans though, who took over Twitter to share their thoughts on the upsetting breakup.

This may be the final season of the Schitt’s Creek TV series, but Dan Levy has teased the possibility of a movie in the past. Who knows—we just might see Ted and Alexis get their happy ending after all.

New episodes of Schitt’s Creek air every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. ET. The show’s series finale will air on April 7, 2020.