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"Schitt's Creek" Just Released The Premiere Date Of Their Final Season & Now We're Crying

We all knew that Schitt's Creek would be ending with their final season 6 but things just got a little too real. Schitt's Creek has never been one for subtlty on or off the show, and the Schitt's Creek social media account just released a video that made our hearts hurt. They announced the premiere date of Schitt's Creek final season

The announcement came as a tweet with a video captioned "tick tock..." In the video, you can see images of all the iconic spots that Schitt's Creek is known for. The motel, the front desk, and the iconic diner they spend a lot of time in. All while the constant noise of a clock ticks in the background letting us know there isn't much time left. 

In a follow-up tweet, they announced that the final season will premiere on January 7, 2020. While that's still quite a few months away, I think it was necessary to get us to prepare our souls for the end of a HUGE Canadian era. 

Fans also left emotional responses in the comments not even wanting to think about how their favourite show is ending. 

We feel you Twitter...we feel you.

No one ever expected this small Canadian production to gain the traction that it did. While we can't wait for new episodes, it's going to be hard saying goodbye to Schitt's Creek and the Roses.