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This Is What The "Schitt's Creek" Rosebud Motel Actually Looks Like In Real Life

Movie magic is probably a term you hear a lot, whether it has to do with how they make a certain actor or set look, or the cool way they can make a dragon come to life through CGI, but the same goes for television shows. Even small budget Canadian-sitcoms can get their final product to look a lot different then what they started with. It's not a secret that most of the Schitt's Creek set locations are open to the public, but what most people don't know is that you can actually visit the most iconic filming location of them all. You can visit the real Schitt's Creek Rosebud motel in Canada and this is what it looks like. 

Most of the filming for the shows 6 seasons took place in a small town just outside of Toronto, Ontario in Goodwood. While Goodwood brings in a fair amount of hardcore fans searching for familiar buildings and signs, the Rosebud Motel is actually outside of Goodwood in Orangeville, Ontario. 

[rebelmouse-image 25944913 photo_credit="Google Maps " expand=1 original_size="1968x1062"]

Take a look at a fan who visited the set location! 

As you could probably tell, there's a lot of work done to transform the motel into Rose's home and business. Although the overall build of the motel is the same, cleaning up, lights, decoration, and a big sign makes a huge difference in how this building transfers on screen.

While the IRL motel was used for shooting exterior scenes, interior scenes of the motel were filmed at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. 

In real life, the motel used to be used as a residence for Orangeville A's basketball team but now is strictly used for filming purposes. It was also featured on the Netflix show Umbrella Academy!

You can check out all the other Schitt's Creek filming locations open to visit here! 

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