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"Schitt's Creek" Could Be Getting A Movie After Its Final Season According To Dan Levy

The Schitt's Creek season 6 finale is right around the corner, marking the end of the Canadian comedies run. However, in a recent interview the shows co-producer, Dan Levy, hinted that there may be a little something more left in the bag for fans of the series. 

The cast recently attended a press panel for Pop TV where they were interviewed by the Television Critics Association. 

Before getting into the details of what could possibly be next after Schitt's Creek airs its series finale in April, Levy admitted that although “you have to respect the viewer who has tuned in for 80 episodes of your show” it was time for the Rose family to make their dramatic exit. 

He did, however, confirm that he's completely open to one day creating a Schitt's Creek movie. Though, he believes they "have to have a reason for it." 

He elaborated by saying there needs to be a time "where it feels necessary to continue to tell that story." 

The cast has confirmed many times that they're absolutely in love with how Dan Levy and father Eugene Levy concluded their character arcs. Dan has even assured us that they "would never want to compromise in any way the quality of the show."

Along with the Pop TV interview panel, a video was screened showing a montage of the cast reading through the final two episode scripts. 

The trailer got the cast members present, the Levy's, Catherine O'Hara, and Annie Murphy, emotional. 

Last week's season 6 premiere saw Alexis dealing with boyfriend Ted being in the Galapagos Islands, David and Patrick's wedding planning, and a romantic rendezvous gone wrong for Moira and Johnny. 

You can tune into the final 13 episodes of Schitt's Creek Tuesday nights on CBC. 

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