The "Schitt's Creek" Season 6 Premiere Has Fans Wondering Why The Show Is Even Ending

"'Schitt's Creek' ending feels worse then any break up"
The "Schitt's Creek" Season 6 Premiere Has Fans Wondering Why The Show Is Even Ending

As Annie Murphy wrote on her Instagram post last night, it is, "the beginning of an end of an (O'H)era." While there are still fourteen episodes left until we have to officially say goodbye to the Canadian comedy, viewers are wondering why the show is even ending. With a fanbase that's bigger than ever the fact that the Schitt's Creek season 6 premiere is marking the series final run isn't cutting it for fans of the show. 

While it's a relief that after a five-month hiatus Canada's favourite family will be gracing screens across the globe again, it's bittersweet. 

So bittersweet, that fans were checking in on each other during last night's premiere, "Check on you Schitt's Creek friends. The show is ending and we are not okay. #SchitsCreek." 

Kayla Quinn was right to check on their fellow Schitt's Creek fans because no one could seem to understand how the show could be finishing, "I am so sad @SchittsCreek is ending!!! Why???? Why???"

Some people just want to, understandably, keep Catherine O'Hara in their lives a little longer, "Catherin O'Hara's accent is so good. Why is it ending?!" 

"Such a brilliant show! I wish it wasn't ending" cried another fan. 

People are even comparing the heartbreak of losing the show to an actual in real life break up, "#SchittsCreek ending feels worse then any break up...this show is GOLD. "

It wasn't just Twitter users who were upset either.

An article written by viewer Sadaf Ahsan for the National Post discussed the show's success in being able to integrate heavy material, like sexuality and family troubles, that reflect what the shows fans are going through today. 

This made Ahsan also very confused as to why Schitt's Creek would be ending after gaining so much traction, "All of which suggests it’s unlikely that Schitt’s Creek should end now, with more fans and cultural resonance than ever."

Kendall on Twitter also had the same idea, "in a very scary time, @Schitt'sCreek is a bright spot that reminds me of the good in this world!! so sad it is ending but so happy it is back for on final season!!"

Although both Eugene and Dan Levy have acknowledged that for them it's time to close off the six-season chapter, Dan  on many occasions has addressed that he knows fans are upset about the series ending saying he "would never want to compromise in any way the quality of the show."

Last night's episode saw Alexis preparing to meet boyfriend Ted in the Galapagos Islands, wedding venue hunting for David and Patrick, and a romantic rendezvous for Mr. and Mrs. Rose that ended in a hilarious arrest. 

Although the episode ended on a high note with a family barbeque at the Rosebud motel, behind all the laughs the episode gave us, there were heavier moments that set the tone for what the upcoming final season will be about. 

Alexis' decision of whether to chose Ted over her family was prominent during this episode, and Moira's struggle with her acting career was ever-present. We were also reminded of the Roses' financial situation when David and Patrick were unable to afford the wedding venue they wanted. 

You can catch the rest of Schitt's Creek season 6 Tuesdays on CBC. 

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