Attention Schitt’s Creek fans: this a not a drill! You may not be ready to say goodbye to the Rose family, but of course, all good things must come to an end. On the bright side of things, the Schitt's Creek final season teaser is out and everyone looks dressed for a wedding — so maybe there is something huge to look forward to!

The promo, which is on Schitt’s Creek Twitter and Instagram account, has fans completely heartbroken that the show is ending in 2020.

In the snippet, we see characters Johnny, Moira, David, Alexis, Stevie, and Patrick all dressed up in formal wedding attire.

It even features an adorable shot of David and Patrick kissing, which hints at who the wedding is for. 

After all, season five left us with their engagement and delighted so many fans to see LGBTQ+ representation on TV. 

Although it's not an official trailer that gives us information about what the final season will focus on, it's just enough to get us emotional on this Monday morning.

And Schitt's Creek fans are definitely in their emotions, posting hilariously relatable responses to the teaser video.

One user wrote, "Thanks for that gut punch" and attached a GIF of Moira Rose hiding in a closet.

Another person attached a GIF of Alexis Rose, writing, "I'm at work and I have nobody to hug!!!" 

There was also a hilarious exchange between the MTV Movie & TV Awards account and the Schitt's Creek account. 

And this tweet might send you running to the bathroom to quietly sob.

The user wrote, "One final thought and then I'm going to try to go on the rest of my day... I don't know if it was planned, but this trailer is a love letter. It's a love letter to you all, the cast, the show, and it's a love letter to all of us. And we love you back." 

It seems like no one is prepared for the end of Schitt's Creek but we must savour our time with them in the final season, which celebrates love and happiness.

Season six will premiere on January 7 on CBC, so set your calendar reminders and stock up on tissues. 

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