Scott Disick Spills Why He Hooked Up With 'Multiple Girls A Day' In Cannes

Scott Disick Spills Why He Hooked Up With 'Multiple Girls A Day' In Cannes

Scott really shook up the reality-tv world when he went on what appeared to be a hook-up extravaganza in Cannes this past May. Disick's ex, Kourtney Kardashian, had planned a vacation to Cannes with her new boyfriend, Younes Benjima. A jealous Disick followed her all the way to France to attempt to piss off his ex and make her jealous. While Scott could have succeeded in upsetting his ex with just one woman, Scott was seen with multiple different women, everyday for the better part of a week. 

When confronted about the stunt in France, Scott revealed that his tine in Cannes 'wasn't good.' 

"I don’t live the cleanest looking life. I’m a guy, I’m a little younger. Maybe the way I’m getting over [Kourtney] is a drop different, and it’s hard. I don’t really know what to do. If I step out of line in one way, I could lose everybody in a matter of seconds." 

Scott sat down with Kim for a conversation on Keeping Up With The Kardashians to explain himself in saying, "Look at it in my perspective.[Kourtney] was on vacation with one man, a whole trip. That looks like a happier scenario than me, jumping around, trying to find happiness and these girls are not fulfilling that. I’m just not happy with anybody.”"

Scott expressed his anxiety about Kourtney moving on saying that when Kourtney dates someone else the rest of the family won't feel like they need Scott in their lives. Disick lost both of his parents abruptly in 2014, leaving Disick without any close blood relatives. He has often leaned on the Kardashian family for love and support. 

Kim was quick to reassure Disick that she and the rest of the family still love and support him, adding, "If you found someone that you were happy with, I think Kourtney would be happy for you, but she sees you out and really drinking and really going through it, she just had concern." 

Oh Scott, don't worry! They can't get rid of you that easy! 

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