When you think of going scuba diving, you probably think of doing it somewhere tropical or while you're visiting one of the coastal states. What you might not have known is that there is a spot to do that right here in Tennessee. You won't be scuba diving in a huge ocean or river, but you will still feel like you are in one of the two. You can actually go scuba diving in Tennessee and it'll feel like you're in a tropical paradise.

Loch Low-Minn Scuba Diving Resort in Athens, Tennessee. This 10-acre quarry lake is clear and full of wildlife to make your scuba experience one for the books. You might have thought Tennessee was completely landlocked, but we can tell you that it's not. It is closed right now but will re-open again for the season in May of 2020. 

You'll have plenty of time to get scuba certified before the opening and the prices are incredible so you don't even have to save like you would to go on any other scuba adventure. The entry fee is only $20 and if you don't have your own scuba gear, you can rent some for great prices. 

This spot prides itself on the prehistoric paddlefish that reside in this quarry. This is the closest thing to an actual dinosaur that you will come in contact with, even if they are a little intimidating under the water.

You'll have visibility of about 35 feet when you're under, so you won't be taken off-guard by the wildlife you might see or come in contact with. 

There are all types of ancient statues in the actual quarry and there is a map of where they are so you can dive to go see them.

Only licensed divers with a valid certification card can participate, but you can easily get your certification through an accredited scuba school. Once you have that, you are good to go!

Once you arrive, the staff will kindly do everything for you. They'll bring your gear down to the water and even refill your tank if needed. The service here is unmatched. 

Loch Low-Minn Scuba Diving Resort

Price: $20

When: Open May 2020 

Address: 116 County Rd. 420, Athens, TN 

Why You Need To Go: Even though Tennessee is pretty landlocked, you can go scuba diving at this one-of-a-kind clear quarry.