A homeowner in Sunshine Coast, B.C. had an unexpected guest show up on their front porch on Christmas Eve. A male California sea lion, nickname James Pond, made his way to the Pender Harbour area home and quickly got comfortable. The sea lion sighting in B.C. was both unusual and entertaining, especially because James Pond wasn't in any hurry to leave.

The Vancouver Sun reports that the sea lion particularly enjoyed taking dips in a freshwater pond on the homeowner's land.

Massey Padgham of Postmedia News tells The Sun that the massive mammal spent Boxing Day sleeping by the front door of the main house.

"All day yesterday (Boxing Day) it was at the main house, sleeping at the front door and under the deck like a dog. Very doglike behaviour in a lot of ways," says Padgham.

The Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre was eventually called to relocate James Pond after it became clear that he wasn't going anywhere.

"The animal had slept outside a home ─ quite a distance from the ocean ─ and then made its way into a nearby freshwater pond," the rescue centre wrote in a Facebook post.

"With the help of DFO officers, the 250 kg sea lion, by then named 'James Pond' by his rescuers, was tranquilized, captured and transported to a boat launch in Oyster Bay where he quickly made his way back into the ocean."

Padgham told The Sun that everyone in the Sunshine Coast area knew about the mammal's visit and many even stopped by to take photos.

However, it was clear from the animal's behaviour that something wasn't right and that it needed help finding its way back to its habitat. Thankfully, he was successfully released at a boat launch in Joe Bay.

And just like that, as mysteriously as he arrived, he was gone.

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