Canada lost a major retailer last year when Sears shut its door for good. While many people assumed this was the end of the company, it looks like Sears has managed to survive bankruptcy for now. 

Most Canadians assumed that Sears was dead, it was actually scraping by in the United States and has managed to avoid going completely bankrupt. 

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The company lucked out by selling off some of their retail locations, including many in Canada but also the US as well, earning them enough money to help cover some of the debts that led to store closures in the first place. 

But, when the company closed all it's Canadian stories last year, they actually only cut their total number of stores in half from 1980 to 894, meaning there are still almost one thousand Sears stores out there that you can go shop at. 

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If you are desperate for some quality Sears products, you are going to be up for a bit of a road trip. The remaining 894 stores are all in the US, but some are actually closer than you think. 

In Buffalo alone, there are two stores that are less than a 3-hour drive from the GTA, a bunch in Michigan just on the other side of the border, and even some out in the Seattle area, just hours from Vancouver. 

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If you want to get some Sears shopping done you may want to act quickly. The company did announce that they're closing almost 50 more stores in the US by November.

While they may not last forever, for Canadians it is refreshing to hear that the department store we all grew up with isn't dead yet.