It's official, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is back up and running. Giacomo Giannotti was the first one to let us know that Season 16 of Grey's Anatomy was underway when he posted a video of himself on his story last week. It seems like Giannotti's post sparked a train reaction and now the whole cast is bragging about being back on set. Season 16 Of Grey’s Anatomy photos show the cast looks better than ever. 

Grey's Anatomy must have been teasing something when they posted this meme on Twitter and Instagram yesterday. With all the photos being released, we're not going to ever stop watching Grey's Anatomy.  

After Giannotti posted his video on his way to season 16's first table read, the Grey's Anatomy Instagram account posted a group photo of what can only be described as an iconic cast. They captioned it, "So much love. ✨" 

Giannotti seems to truly be the star player of this season because his posting didn't just stop with his Instagram video. He also posted this photo of him and Ellen Pompeo. He's dressed in scrubs and Ellen in pajamas. Fans are speculating that this means the troubles that the season 15 finale left the couple's characters (Meredith and Andrew) with, will be resolved right off the bat. 

He captioned the photo of the two of them:

"First day back at work with this beauty! @ellenpompeo . Season 16 of @greysabc here we go! #greysanatomy #greysisbackbaby #pajamadayeveryday #icecreamforbreakfast"

The shows executive producer, Debbie Allen, also got in on the photo-sharing. She posted a photo with Ellen Pompeo and Kelly McCreary at what looks to be a Season 16 back to filming party. She captioned the lantern filled pic, "We’re back!!!💋✨ @ellenpompeo @seekellymccreary #greysanatomy"

The best post yet has to be the video that Kim Raver posted on her story that the Grey's Anatomy Instagram account later reposted. In the video, Raver, who plays Teddy Altman, is having fun with Instagram's built-in filters showing their first day back in the hair and makeup trailer. 

What makes the start of season 16 filming even better is knowing that this still isn't the last season. The show was renewed for both a season 16 and season 17 earlier this year! 

Grey's Anatomy returns to ABC this fall!