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22 Seattle Groupons You Must Take Advantage Of This November 2018

Discover your budget-friendly Seattle bucket list!
22 Seattle Groupons You Must Take Advantage Of This November 2018

It's that time of year, folks! Yes--that time when Christmas is so close that every dollar you spend feels like it's being ripped from a loved one's stocking, because the more you spend on yourself the less you'll have left to get gifts.

The good news is that you can still enjoy yourself without the crushing truth that you're ruining Christmas for your family. Groupon offers some truly incredible deals to have fun this November in Seattle.

From active outdoor events that will (probably) still be enjoyable in the cold weather, to nighttime stage shows you can watch in sedentary darkness while drinking calories, Groupon has something for everyone in the Emerald City!  

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Here are 22 Seattle Groupon deals that you must take advantage of this November 2018.

Prices listed reflect prices at the time of publication. Prices may vary slightly based on date purchased. Narcity has affiliate partnerships with some of the products or activities listed below and we get a share of the revenue if you purchase something. 

Drink wine while you paint

Via Groupon

Original Price: $40Savings: $31.50 (21% off) per person

Sip wine while you paint a masterpiece. Or, sip wine while you paint a complete disaster. Christmas is coming up, and maybe you know someone who'd love a gorgeous new painting to hang on their mantle. Or, maybe your painting looks like somebody yakked on a canvas after mainlining tequila and just let it dry there. And maybe you'd like to bring that into your office Christmas party for the annual white elephant exchange. Maybe you have a co-worker in mind you'd like to give it to. It's your art, and you can share it with the world however you see fit.

Get the deal HERE!

Learn to ski or snowboard at Mini Mountain

@mini__mountainembedded via

Original Price: $55Savings: $28.50 (48% off) per person

Have you ever wanted to learn to ski or snowboard, but didn't want to pay the $100+ fees just to get to the mountain and discover you're incurably terrible at snow sports? Have you imagined yourself faceplanting in the snow, giving up, then spending the afternoon in the cabin bar drinking whiskey while you wait for your friends to finish heliskiing? Well, it doesn't have to be this way! Okay--it might still be this way, but it will be this way for way less money. Or! Maybe you'll be a natural! Sign up and find out!

Get the deal HERE!

Drink champagne while you watch a live comedy show

Via Groupon

Original Price: $101Savings: $45 (55% off) for 2 people

If laughter is the best medicine, you'll need something to wash it down with. How about champagne? This Groupon gets you 2 VIP tickets to Parlor Live Comedy Club plus a bottle of champagne to enjoy during the show.

Get the deal HERE!

Take a trail ride at Morris's Show Mountain Stables

@cassidyakersembedded via

Original Price: $70Savings: $42 (40% off) per person 

Grab your Northface and riding boots! It's time to mount your steeds and take to the trails! Opt outside to enjoy November's fall colors while you ride one of the majestic horses at Morris's stables.

Get the deal HERE!

Sing karaoke in a private room at Stone Lounge

Via Groupon

Original price: $35Savings: $21 (40% off) for up to 6 people

This deal gets you a private room for 2 hours where you can do karaoke with up to 6 people. Brings your friends! Bring a date! Or, just bring yourself and sing to a pitcher of beer and dance away the stress from 2018. The pitcher of beer won't judge you--and it will never correct you when you mess up the lyrics.

Get the deal HERE!

@evitahuembedded via

Take a private helicopter tour 

@shailenedahlembedded via

Original price: $270Savings: $156 (42% off) for up to 3 people

This 20-minute tour takes you (and up to 2 other people) flying over Seattle's most striking landmarks, from the Space Needle to Husky Stadium.

@into.thewildembedded via

This deal has a 4.9 rating from almost 2,000 reviews on Groupon, so this is sure to be an incredible experience! Ben M. raved in his review, "It was hella fun," adding also that it was "so dope." Well, there you have it! Thanks for the captivating description, Ben! Now we all know exactly what to expect in this exciting aerial adventure!

Get the deal HERE!

Taste beer for 2 at Lucky Envelope Brewing 

@emeraldpalateembedded via

Original price: $30Savings: $19.5 (35% off) for 2 people

Just to clarify, when we say "taste beer for 2" we mean that this is a beer tasting for 2 people--not drink enough beer for 2 people.

But, hey, you can do that after the tasting if you want to! Choose your favorite brew from the flight and keep the party going!

Get the deal HERE!

@insideseattleembedded via

Solve a crime at The Murder Mystery Co.

Via Groupon

Original price: $120Savings: $65.5 (45% off) for 2 people

Enjoy an evening of mystery and suspense as you attempt to solve a grisly murder alongside a group of suspects you once knew as friends.

Get the deal HERE!

@themurdermysterycompanyembedded via

Go paintballin' on a budget

Via Groupon

Original price: $240Savings: $30 (88% off) for 6 people

You can paint the town red--or, you can just paint your friends. This Groupon covers all-day admission, plus gun and mask rentals for 6 people. Bring your most adventurous friends for a competitive, live action battle! Or, bring your slowest friends for easy targets!

Get the deal HERE!

Learn to dance at Belltown Dance Studio

@lisa_is_lizaembedded via

Original price: $85Savings: $42.5 (50%) per person

This six-week, beginner-level class will teach you how to shake it on the dance floor. Once you get your routines down, you can come back and show them off at dance events at the studio!

Get the deal HERE!

Learn how to make your own cheese at River Valley Cheese

Via Groupon

Original price: $159Savings: $70 (56% off) per person

This deal includes two tickets to class, where you'll learn how to make burrata cheese. This incredibly creamy, soft cheese is perfect for Caprese salads, pizza, or simply eating alone in bulk.

If you like to share, you can impress your friends and family at holiday parties with your skills in the kitchen! Burrata Bruschetta, anyone?

Get the deal HERE!

@rivervalleycheeseembedded via

Go wine tasting at Icon Cellars

@iconcellarsembedded via

Original price: $20Savings: $13 (35% off) per person

This tasting for two takes place in a charming, boutique wine cellar in Woodinville. Guests will taste three reds and one rosé (white wine coming soon).

After enjoying the tasting, you can buy a bottle (or a case) of your favorite wine to uncork at home!

Get the deal HERE!

@iconcellarsembedded via

Watch a fabulous drag show while you brunch at Julia's on Broadway

Via Groupon

Original price: $90Savings: $49 (46% off) for 2 people

This deal gets you two VIP tickets to Le Faux at Julia's--one of the hottest, funkiest shows in town.

Julia's on Broadway is a local favorite for hilariously entertaining drag shows, and this gets you in the door for almost half the price! Now, you can spend that money on drinks during the show!

Get the deal HERE!

@stellamozealousembedded via

Rent kayaks at Surf Ballard

@hillaryparkembedded via

Original price: $40Savings: $22 (45% off) per person for 2 hours

Renting kayaks is the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors and the water from the comfort of your (mostly) dry winter layers inside the boat. You're close to the water, but you're likely to stay above it throughout the two-hour jaunt around Lake Union.

Get the deal HERE!

Board a pirate ship in South Lake Union 

@haleynguyennembedded via

Original price: $58Savings $44 (24% off) for 2 adults

If you'd prefer to stay slightly further above the water, you can ride around South Lake Union in a pirate ship! Channel your inner Jack Sparrow as you take to the waters and glide around such sites as Gasworks Park, the Fremont Bridge, and those cute little water houses from Sleepless in Seattle.

Get the deal HERE!

As with any good pirate ship, there will be alcohol available for purchase, so no need to try to smuggle any on rum!

Via Groupon

Taste through the barrels at Batch 206 Distillery

@markcholvinembedded via

Original price: $120Savings: $72 (40% off) for 2 people

This Groupon is good for four people to taste their way through some of Batch 206's finest vodka, whiskey, rum, and gin. As one Groupon reviewer said, "Bring your A game!" This tasting tour might need a few water breaks. Just when you think it's over, there is an after-tour beverage included with your ticket. Bottoms up!

Get the deal HERE!

Take a cooking class at ChefShop

@kozmokitchenembedded via

Original price: $79Savings: $42.50 (46% off)

Learn new cooking skills just in time for the holiday season! This Queen Anne cooking class is a perfect way to try something different for dinner while enjoying a fun night out. Classes last for 2.5 hours and include some exotic menus, ranging from Indian to Parisian, and even Hungarian.

Get the deal HERE!

Go on a scavenger hunt around Seattle

Via Groupon

Original price: $40Savings: $24 (40% off) 

This unique adventure will let you see the city in a whole new way. You and a partner download the scavenger hunt on your phones and begin whenever you have two hours to spare. The hunt will guide you through destinations with riddles and clues, offering insight into local history.

Get the deal HERE!

Take a "Subterranean Tour" after hours in Pioneer Square 

@emmakumerembedded via

Original price: $24Savings: $14.75 (33% off) per person

This adults-only, after-dark tour is the perfect way to get the scoop on Seattle's sordid history. For two hours, a guide will walk you through three main areas of historic Pioneer Square while detailing the corruption that used to run the streets.

Get the deal HERE!

Original price: $39Savings: $20 (49% off)

This self-proclaimed "pre-dating speed dating" is a fun way to spend an evening, whether you're an ol' pro at this or just casually curious. You can go solo and look for Mr. or Mrs. Right, or you can bring a group of friends to join in and be your wingmen.

Get the deal HERE!

See Girls Night Out: The Show - 2018 Ladies Revenge Tour at Club Sur

Via Groupon

Original price: $23.95Savings: $13 (46% off)

To say this is a "hot" deal might be an understatement. This all-male dance crew will make you feel like you're watching Magic Mike live. There is an "optional meet and greet" following the performance in case you'd like to take a closer look.

Get the deal HERE!

See A Thousand Splendid Suns at the Seattle Rep

@seattlerepembedded via

Original price: $55Groupon deal: $27 (51% off) per person

*Prices vary based on date

Based on the international bestselling book, this captivating story details the unlikely friendship of two Afghan women in war-torn Kabul. The pair does what they can to survive against the torment of brutal tyranny. The play examines the things that bring us together, and the things that are worth fighting for.

Get the deal HERE!

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