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31 Women With Badass Jobs In Seattle

Support your local girl bosses!
31 Women With Badass Jobs In Seattle

Seattle is a big and bustling city that everyone living there is proud to call their home. Located on the west coast you've got a stunning balance between breathtaking nature, mountains and coast line as well as city skylines, sky scrapers and a busy downtown area.

You've got something for everyone to fall in love with in Seattle! There's no surprise then that this city is a popular spot for many business owners, artists, photographers, lawyers, chefs and so much more to set up shop.

Tons of these local bosses in Seattle are women and we all know how important it is to support the hard working, creative, gorgeous women in our communities. This post is dedicated to just some of the talented and brilliant ladies in this city that are working badass jobs! Comment any badass babes we might have missed in the comments that are killing it in their industry right now!

31. Elina Dmitrukwa //

Artist via

Why She's Badass: Elina is an artist based in Seattle who is clearly incredibly talented. She paints everything from landscapes to animals and even restores old photographs! She has her artwork displayed in various cafes across the city and has her pieces on sale on her personal website.

30. Young-Ji Ham & Jenna M. Labourr // @washingtoninjurylawyers


@washingtoninjurylawyersembedded via

Why She's Badass: Jenna and Young-Ji run a women-owned law firm based in Seattle! Clearly these two are super badass in court and in business. They specialize in personal injury, worker's comp, and more.

29. Pinky Elliot // @facebypinky

Aesthetic Nurse

@facebypinkyembedded via

Why She's Badass: Pinky is a board certified Aesthetic Nurse who works in a popular plastic surgery office in Seattle. She's talented and knowledgable about her job and the world of aesthetic surgery.

28. Jo Soeung // @chefjosoeung


@chefjosoeungembedded via

Why She's Badass: Jo is a talented chef who cooks at The University of Washington Club. She creates amazing food and drinks and is constantly travelling around the world!

27. Jenny Khalema // @jennykhalemapursuit

Personal Trainer

@jennykhalemapursuitembedded via

Why She's Badass: Jenny is a certified personal trainer based in Seattle and definitely knows the benefits of working hard in the gym and the kitchen. She knows the important of eating well and staying active and she shows all this on her popular Instagram account!

26. Kate Mansfield // @katiermansfield


@katiermansfieldembedded via

Why She's Badass: Kate is a professional photographer based in Seattle that takes gorgeous photographs. She takes portraits of her clients that always feature beautiful backdrops of the city and nature!

25. Shannon Boyle // @designloveseattle

Interior Designer

@designloveseattleembedded via

Why She's Badass: Shannon founded and runs her own Interior Design company based in Seattle! She designs clean, fresh and modern homes focusing on the kitchens and bathrooms.

24. Bhawna Gupta // @bhawna_gupta2016


@bhawna_gupta2016embedded via

Why She's Badass: Bhawna is the founder and CEO of an athletic wear company for women! Not only that but she's also a photographer, designer, engineer and has a happy family!

23. Thao Nguyen // @nguyenxwins

Hair Stylist

@nguyenxwinsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Thao is an amazing hair stylist at Lotte Hair Salon in Seattle. She provides unique services such as her Japanese Hair Straightening service that's super popular!

22. Avery Osajima // @averykiyo

Tattoo Artist

@averykiyoembedded via

Why She's Badass: Avery is a tattoo artist based in Seattle that creates all her tattoos by hand. She creates gorgeous, simplistic tattoos that are super popular in the Seattle area.

21. Holly Bero // @hollyberointeriors

Interior Designer

@hollyberointeriorsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Holly runs her own Interior Design company based in Seattle! She creates gorgeous and innovative living spaces and is also a remodel specialist.

20. Tiffany Pham // @tifftpham


@tifftphamembedded via

Why She's Badass: Tiffany is the definition of a badass woman in business. She's the founder and CEO of Mogul, a worldwide platform for women to connect and share information! She was even included in Business Insider's "30 Under 30" article.

19. Sarah Adler // @simplyrealhealth


@simplyrealhealthembedded via

Why She's Badass: Sarah is an entrepreneur who created an inspiring business based in Seattle dedicated to making healthy meals, simple. She's a nutritional coach, healthy lifestyle expert, top selling healthy cookbook author and food blogger!

18. Fran Dunaway // @tomboyx


@tomboyxembedded via

Why She's Killing It: Fran and her partner Naomi created a super popular underwear company based in Seattle called Tomboyx. Their underwear is created to fit everyone know matter what size or gender spectrum they are. It's an inspiring and inclusive company that also makes incredibly comfortable underwear.

17. Alexandra // @willowandivyevents

Event Planner

@willowandivyeventsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Alexandra is an event planner in Seattle that specializes in creating gorgeous events. She mostly plans weddings but also any type of event you could need! Her events are filled with flowers, pretty desserts, sparkling champagne and more!

16. Janna Brown // @jannabrowndesign

Floral Designer

@jannabrowndesignembedded via

Why She's Badass: Janna creates stunning floral bouquets for special events all around the world! Her bouquets are mostly used in weddings but can be for whatever event you could ever want.

15. Johanna Knap // @delicatelysweetconfections


@delicatelysweetconfectionsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Johanna is a baker based in Seattle who makes some seriously stunning cakes! She creates specialty designs for weddings and events that are almost too beautiful to eat.

14. Megon Shoreclay // @megonshoreclay

Tattoo Artist

@megonshoreclayembedded via

Why She's Badass: Megon is a tattoo artist based in Seattle that creates artistic tattoo pieces at the Fist Full of Metal Tattoo shop. Check out her work and maybe even get yourself a new tattoo!

13. Mandi A. // @mandiaphoto

Fashion Photographer

@mandiaphotoembedded via

Why She's Badass: Mandi is a talented photographer based in Seattle that specializes in fashion and portrait photography. She's already been published in multiple magazines and is on her way to becoming super successful in the industry!

12. Mariama Jeng // @ellenadeen

Flight Attendant & Fitness Blogger

@ellenadeenembedded via

Why She's Badass: Mariama is a flight attendant from Seattle who's living the life you want! She's constantly jetting off to amazing places around the world. But when she's not travelling she's also working out and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

11. Krystel Santos // @krystelsconfections


@krystelsconfectionsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Krystel is a self-taught baker based in Seattle that makes some insanely beautiful desserts. She specializes in adorable cakes and macarons which you can order through her website for events or parties!

10. Crystal Low // @crystallowart


@crystallowartembedded via

Why She's Badass: Crystal is an abstract artist based in Seattle that creates seriously stunning works of art. You can purchase her unique art through her website or see her upcoming events in the city.

9. Kween Kaysh // @_kweenkaysh


@theblowupcoembedded via

Why She's Badass: Kween Kaysh is probably one of the hottest female DJs in Seattle right now. She's a content creator, brand marketer, and DJ that always kills it at her gigs.

8. Falesha Ankton Johnson // @falesha11

Trainer & Coach

@falesha11embedded via

Why She's Badass: Falesha has dedicated her life to helping other reach their fitness goals because she knows the rewards of hard work. She's a trainer and speed & agility coach plus she owns her own fitness business!

7. Sofia // @makeupbydivadoll

Makeup Artist

@makeupbydivadollembedded via

Why She's Badass: Sofia is a super talented makeup artist based in Seattle that's killing the makeup game right now. She runs her own super popular YouTube channel where she posts gorgeous looks and you can book her to do your makeup as well!

6. Maggie Stephens // @maggiestephensinteriors

Interior Designer

@maggiestephensinteriorsembedded via

Why She's Badass: Maggie runs her own Interior Design business based in Seattle. She creates gorgeous, innovative spaces that you can admire through her Instagram page or website.

5. Andrea Alder // @andrea_alder

Art Director

@andrea_alderembedded via

Why She's Badass: Andrea is obsessed with the fashion and design world and she is succeeding in it no problem. She's a stylist for fashion lines/shoots as well as being a product stylist for editorial magazines.

4. Kara Mercer // @_karamercer


@_karamercerembedded via

Why She's Badass: Kara is a super successful photographer who travels all over the world for her work. She photographs everything from weddings to fashion to travel but she's based in Seattle!

3. Supreet Prehar // @preetycurebysupreet

Makeup Artist

@preetycurebysupreetembedded via

Why She's Badass: Supreet is a super talented makeup artist based in Seattle. She's also a hair stylist and certified aesthetician that can create a gorgeous look for you for your wedding or important event!

2. Ariel Garcia // @theblogstop

Web Designer

@theblogstopembedded via

Why She's Badass: Ariel is the definition of a girl boss in Seattle. She founded her own web design company that creates gorgeous websites for the modern blogger. They'll teach you all about becoming a blogger and how to succeed as well as creating your unique website!

1. Ulyana Smirnova // @smirnova.production

Videographer & Photographer

@smirnova.productionembedded via

Why She's Badass: Ulyana is a super talented videographer, outdoor photographer and editor based in Seattle. Up and coming artists, musicians, models and fashion designers can contact her to shoot an ad or video for them and she'll highlight their talents flawlessly!

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