Seattleites know that spring generally means plenty of showers and thunderstorms. But the roar of yesterday's weather took many locals by storm. Strong winds and rain weren't the only things felt across the area. A massive Seattle hail storm created supernatural looking scenes across the city.

March 31 brought a change of weather to the scene in the form of some unexpected visitors - large, round hailstones.

But the hail itself was secondary to the massive scene sweeping across the sky. 

The contrast of the dark blue storm clouds to the downpour of raindrops and white hail pieces created a stunning aerial picture. 

It almost looks otherworldly.KomoNews gave a close-up look at the phenomenon as it moved across Elliott Bay and to the city streets on Tuesday.

Local resident and Reuters journalist Lindsay Wasson also shared her experience on Twitter.

In her video, she showed her car covered completely in white hail.

The camera pans, showing even the streets are coated in fine white ice stones. "I don’t have time for this nonsense, Seattle weather. #wawx," she wrote. 

Another man joked that this was the most exciting thing to happen since the stay at home order was put in place.

Perhaps the most stunning footage was captured by a local Seattle photographer, Sigma Sreedharan.

She posted jaw-dropping video footage of the storm sweeping across the city, which has since been shared by local news channels.

According to Komo News, the weather occurred after cold winds moved in off the Gulf of Alaska, earlier this week.

The hail comes from an "unstable atmosphere" in which cold storms from winter mix with the warmer weather these longer spring days provide.

Warmer air rises to higher altitudes, creating conditions for rain and storm development. Hail is a result of heavy updrafts. Falling rain from the clouds is pushed back by strong winds, freezing into ice pellets.

While the city's hail does not rival that of the Midwestern storms, it just goes to show that Washington's storms can create some wild looking scenes.